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Frequently Asked Questions 

How old are the children at EPCS?
We have children ages 2 years, 9 months through 7 years old (our school is licensed by the state for children 2.9 and older.) Children are divided into 4 classes: Preschool East (2.9 - 3.4 years old), Preschool West (3.5 - 4.5 years old), PreK-K (3.5 - 5 years old), and K-1 Grade (5 - 7 years old.)

How much is tuition this year at EPCS?
Download the 2016-2017 Group Schedule and Tuition >

Is financial assistance available?
Admissions decisions are made separate and apart from financial aid decisions. Financial assistance is based on need and the availability of funds. Our policy is to support as many families as possible rather than award large grants to a few families. It is expected that every family will contribute something toward their tuition. Applications for scholarship may be requested upon application to the Children's School. The Scholarship Committee will keep all information confidential, and parents will be notified by the end of March. The only time an enrollment deposit will be refunded is if a family does not receive the financial assistance needed for their child to attend Eliot-Pearson.
View eligibility guidelines >

What should I do if I have a child with special rights?
The Children's School is committed to providing quality education for all children and therefore, children with special rights are enrolled in all of our groups. In a model of inclusion, children who need therapy services receive them in the context of their school day whenever possible. We have a team of specialists who collaborate with teachers, families, and others who may be involved in setting goals for children with special rights. Every attempt is made to collaborate with school systems to secure the services required for children and families. The Children's School serves a wide spectrum of learning differences and all decisions are made on an individual basis.

If you have questions about special needs at EPCS, please call the school at (617) 627-3434 and ask to speak to the Special Rights Coordinator.  Learn more >>

How can I get an application for my child?

Learn more >

When should I apply?

The Eliot Pearson Children's School begins to accept applications for the 2016-2017
school year.

November- January:
Families of children with identified services, needs, concerns or who have applied prior
to the first round admissions deadline might be invited to meet or talk with the Associate

January 15th:
Deadline for Applications that will be considered for the first round of admissions

After January 15th, applications will be processed on a rolling basis.

Does the school have a wait list? How can I get on it?
All children who do not receive a slot will be placed on an active wait list. The school is unable to give information about where your child stands on the wait list, as children are admitted from the wait list with consideration to the composition of the entire class, rather than in a particular order.

May I visit the school?
Prospective families are welcome to visit any time after Columbus Day weekend and may observe more than one classroom, if unsure about which class to request for placement. Simply call the school at (617) 627-3434 or email at to request an observation appointment. Please give at least 24 hours advance notice and, because the observation booths are not sound proof, do not bring your children. You may also call or email to schedule a meeting with the Director or Associate Director/Special Needs Coordinator.

I would like to observe classes at EPCS. How can I set this up?
If you are a student, a professional, a current family, or a prospective family, you may call (617) 627-3434 to set up an appointment to observe a classroom. Please give at least 24 hours advance notice and let the receptionist know which class you would like to observe. Please note that children are not allowed in the observations booths.


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