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Undergraduate Program


The Minor in English requires students to take six courses in the Department. English 1, 2, 3, and 4 do not count towards the Minor. The purpose of the minor is to allow students to experiment widely or to follow a particular interest with some concentration. Therefore each minor will be individual not only in content but also in concept. To that end, all students are expected to plan a coherent program of study that leads to breadth, pursues a specialized interest, or combines these two objectives. Whatever course of study they construct, students are encouraged to include at least one course numbered below 100 and one above 100 and to consult with faculty members as they pursue their minors.

The following parameters apply to the minor in English:

  • Students must receive a grade of C- or higher in any course that they wish to count towards the fulfillment of the minor.
  • Only courses offered by the English Department or cross-listed with an English Department registration number can count for the English minor.
  • ExCollege courses may not be counted towards the minor.
  • No more than two transfer courses may be applied towards the minor. These must be taken in an English department.
  • Students may count a maximum of three creative writing courses (defined as courses numbered English 0005-0016) towards fulfillment of the minor. Fulfillment of the College Writing Requirement is a prerequisite for ENG 0005-0016.

The English Minor Declaration Form must be signed by a full-time faculty member and submitted to the English Department before December 2nd of the student's senior year. A printed copy of the student's unofficial transcript should accompany the form. The student should then submit the signed form to Student Services as part of their Graduation Packet (which is comprised of an unsigned Advisement Report, a signed Major Checklist, and signed checklists for any second majors or minors.)