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Undergraduate Program

Majors: Declaring a Major

Undergraduates in the school of Arts and Sciences must declare their major by April 1st of their Sophomore year. (Students who are in their third semester in April may declare in the following Fall.)

In order to declare a major in English, you must first find a full-time faculty member to act as your adviser. A good way to meet English Department faculty is by attending the English Department's Majors Luncheon, which is usually held the last week of February during Majors Week.

After you have found a faculty advisor:

  1. Fill out the "Declaration of Major" form, available on the Registrar's website.
  2. Meet with your new English adviser and have him or her sign your Declaration of Major form.
  3. Return the signed form to the Student Services Desk, Dowling Hall. You are now officially an English major.
  4. Make sure to inform your pre-major adviser of your declaration.

The Undergraduate Education website has additional information on declaring your major, advising, academic deans, and more.