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Contact Info:
Tufts University
Department of English
6 The Green
Room 208A, East Hall
Medford, MA 02155

Office: 617.627.2380
Curriculum Vitae
Jonathan Strong

B.A. Harvard University, 1969

Born in Illinois in 1944; graduated from Harvard College; first book Tike and Five Stories published 1969, awarded Rosenthal Foundation Award of National Institute of Arts and Letters; lecturer at Tufts 1969-78; taught five years at Harvard, two at U.Mass Boston, and four at Wellesley before returning to Tufts as senior lecturer in 1989; won National Endowment for the Arts grants 1968, 1986; teaches in summer English M.A. program at Middlebury College's Bread Loaf Campus; active in Tufts' Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgendered community.

Research Interests
In addition to nine published works of fiction, I have made performing editions of four libretti by W.S.Gilbert by arranging music by Arthur Sullivan to fit Gilbert's texts; Thespis (the first G&S opera whose original score has been lost) has been performed in my edition at the Wallace Stevens Theater in Hartford and the Academy of Music in Northampton; The Gentleman in Black was performed at St. Paul's School in New Hampshire, Happy Arcadia by the Royal Victorian Opera Co., and Topsyturvydom by the New England G&S Society. More broadly, I am very much interested in 19th Century opera of all sorts.

Courses Taught

  • English 5/6 Beginning Creative Writing: Fiction
  • English 9/10 Intermediate Fiction Writing

Publication Highlights


  • Hawkweed and Indian Paintbrush (Pressed Wafer, 2013)
  • More Light (Quale Press, 2012)
  • Consolation (Pressed Wafer, 2010)
  • Drawn From Life (Quale Press, 2008)
  • A Circle Around Her(novel) (Zoland Books, 2000)
  • The Old World (novel) (Zoland, 1997)
  • Offspring (novel) (Zoland, 1995)
  • An Untold Tale (novel) (Zoland, 1993)
  • Companion Pieces (two novellas) (Zoland, 1993)
  • Secret Words (novel) (Zoland, 1992)
  • Elsewhere (novel) (Ballantine Books, 1985; reprint forthcoming from XLibris)
  • Ourselves (novel) (Atlantic Monthly Press, 1971; reprint XLibris)
  • Tike and Fire Stories (Atlantic Monthly Press, 1969)