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Spring 2018 Courses

English 1-4, First-Year Writing Program

English 1-4 Course Descriptions:
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  • You must attend the first four meetings of English 1 and 2 or you will lose your place in the class.
  • Enrollment is limited. Instructors are not able to expand class size beyond the maximum enrollment for the course.
  • Class times are subject to change. Before you register, consult course lists posted in the English Department.
  • Classes enrolling fewer than six students may be cancelled.
  • Please note that course schedules are subject to change. Please re-check listings prior to registration.
  • Please see First Year Writing for further Program description and policies.

No. Section Title Block Time Instructor
ENG 0001 01 Expository Writing E+
MW 10:30-11:45AM Tall
ENG 0001 02 Expository Writing
TR 8:05-9:20AM Pence
ENG 0001 03 Expository Writing J+ TR 3:00-4:15PM Crano
No. Section Title Block Time Instructor
ENG 0002 01 Road Stories A MW 8:30-9:20, R 9:30-10:20AM Calloway
ENG 0002 02 Love and Sexuality A+ MW 8:05-9:20AM Carter
ENG 0002 03 Perceiving Environments A+ MW 8:05-9:20AM Horwitz
ENG 0002 04 Conformity and Rebellion
B TRF 8:30-9:20AM McQuade
ENG 0002 05 Family Ties B+
TR 8:05-9:20AM Heider
ENG 0002 06 Love and Sexuality B+
TR 8:05-9:20AM Mitzner
ENG 0002 07 Differences
TR 8:05-9:20AM Canfield
ENG 0002 08 Conformity and Rebellion B+
TR 8:05-9:20AM Rivera
ENG 0002 09 Family Ties C TWF 9:30-10:20AM Cook
ENG 0002 10 Family Ties C TWF 9:30-10:20AM Hanna
ENG 0002 11 Differences C TWF 9:30-10:20AM Messer
ENG 0002 12 Differences C TWF 9:30-10:20AM Nevitt
ENG 0002 14 Other Worlds D+ TR 10:30-11:45AM Leavell
ENG 0002 15 Asian American Perspectives D+ TR 10:30-11:45AM Talusan
ENG 0002 16 Conformity and Rebellion A+ MW 8:05-9:20AM Alquesta
ENG 0002 17 Love and Sexuality E+
MW 10:30-11:45AM Valdes Greenwood
ENG 0002 18 Family Ties F+
TR 12:00-1:15PM Brown
ENG 0002 19 Digital Media Cultures F+
TR 12:00-1:15PM Crano
ENG 0002 20 Love and Sexuality G+ MW 1:30-2:45PM Jung
ENG 0002 21 Road Stories G+ MW 1:30-2:45PM Beckman
ENG 0002 22 Love and Sexuality H+ TR 1:30-2:45PM McDonough
ENG 0002 23 Conformity and Rebellion H+ TR 1:30-2:45PM Stiffler
ENG 0002 24 Conformity and Rebellion I+ MW 3:00-4:15PM Hay
ENG 0002 25 Love and Sexuality I+ MW 3:00-4:15PM Gravitt
ENG 0002 26 Differences J+ TR 3:00-4:15PM Levine
ENG 0002 27 Family Ties J+ TR 3:00-4:15PM Wilkinson
ENG 0002 28 Conformity and Rebellion L+ TR 4:30-5:45PM Napier
ENG 0002 29 Differences M+ MW 6:00-7:15PM Goel
No. Section Title Block Time Instructor
ENG 0004 01 Family Ties H+ TR 1:30-2:45PM Stevens
ENG 0004 02 Family Ties I+ MW 3:00-4:15PM Sherwin
ENG 0004 03 Family Ties J+ TR 3:00-4:15PM Stevens