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School Psychology

Meet Students & Alumni

If you are thinking about applying to our program and would like to talk with one of our current students or alumni, feel free to email those who have included their contact information below. Additionally, please view this video of alumni discussing their work.

What School Psychologists Do: Voices of Early School Psychology Career Professionals

Class of 2020 First Year Student Cohort
  Class of 2019 Second Year Student Cohort
Class of 2018 Third Year Student Cohort
Current Students
Ashley Dennis (contact me)

I am pursuing an MA/Ed.S in School Psychology because of my passion to improve educational outcomes of youth and adolescents through addressing their unique behavioral, social, emotional, and academic needs. My coursework at Tufts has empowered me to approach my work with a critical lens, where I am applying my knowledge base centered around social justice, child development, eco-systemic theory, and best practices in order to inform problem-solving and decision-making processes within schools. The small size of my cohort and individualized attention from faculty at Tufts provide me with valuable support and resources I can utilize throughout my graduate school experience and future practice as well.

I received my Bachelor of Science in Psychological Sciences at the University of Vermont in 2015.
Jenna Hannoosh (contact me)
MA/EdS in School Psychology, 2013

I currently work as a school psychologist at the Muraco Elementary School in Winchester, Massachusetts.

Attending Tufts and participating in the coursework and fieldwork through the school psychology program provided me with a comprehensive practical and theoretical knowledge base that greatly influences the way I view situations and make decisions in my school. Specifically, Tufts pushes its students to consider the multitude of factors that may impact students' social, emotional, behavioral, and academic success, and to then use this knowledge to advocate for the best interest of the student. Furthermore they promote and facilitate the practice of these skills in real-world settings with the support and guidance of veteran school psychologists. These experiences have allowed me to feel confident in my ability to positively impact and support the students, families, and colleagues with whom I work.
Marquel Norton (contact me)

I'm pursuing a MA/Ed.S in School Psychology because I believe that access to mental health services in schools is increasingly important to social justice and equity. The practical/theoretical aspects gained from the Tufts University program have given me the skills and agency to make systems change within dominant structures and empower and validate marginalized students.

I received my Bachelor of Arts in Clinical Psychology and Child Development from Tufts University in 2014.