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School Psychology

Meet the Faculty

Steven Luz-Alterman Steven Luz-Alterman
Senior Lecturer, Co-Director of School Psychology Program
Steven Luz-Alterman received his doctoral degree in clinical/school psychology from Adelphi University in 1985. He is currently co-director of the School Psychology program in the Department of Education. His teaching interests focus upon initial interviewing and basic clinical skills, school based mental health, cognitive behavioral interventions in school-based practice, and family-school partnering.
Laura Rogers Laura Rogers
Senior Lecturer, Co-Director of School Psychology Program
Laura Rogers, Ed.D., Co-Director of the School Psychology Program earned her doctorate in Human Development from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. As a licensed psychologist, she has practiced in a variety of settings, including schools, clinics, prisons, and in the community both in Massachusetts and in Nepal. She served as Director of Student Services and School Psychologist for the F.W. Parker Charter Essential School, which she helped to found. Laura teaches courses in special education and assessment, and she supervises field-based seminars.
Silas Pinto Silas Pinto
In addition to being a full time Lecturer in School Psychology, Silas is the director of New Wave Arts and the Cape Verdean and Brazilian Cultural Center of Rhode Island, a music composer and the leader of a martial arts/dance/theater group.
Erin Seaton Erin Seaton
Erin Seaton is a graduate of Earlham College and earned an Ed.M. and Ed.D. in Human Development and Psychology from Harvard University Graduate School of Education, where she studied rural adolescents' narratives of identity and development. Erin teaches courses in human development and learning and has experience as a teacher and social worker.