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School Psychology

Application & Tuition

Application Fast Facts:

Application Deadline: January 15
Program Cost: Two years of tuition for three year program. The 2018-2019 tuition is $44,904.
Interview Required: Yes
GRE Requirement: Yes; verbal, quantitative, and analytic writing
Shadowing: Observe a practicing school psychologist.
Prerequisites: Undergraduate major in psychology, or coursework in statistics, abnormal psychology, and developmental psychology
Letters of Recommendation: 3
Degree Type: Master of Arts (MA) and Educational Specialist (EdS)
Notification and Decisions: Applicants notified of admissions status by March 15; program must receive applicants decision by April 15

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Department Scholarships
The Department awards tuition scholarships based upon academic merit and financial need. These awards may be used exclusively for remission of tuition. Nearly all students entering the program receive tuition scholarships, with the average tuition remission being 40% for the two years of the program. Students who receive scholarships are responsible for payment of fees and tuition charges above those covered by their financial aid package. Tuition scholarships are awarded upon admission. To be sustained students must remain in good academic standing in the department and in the Graduate School.

To apply for tuition scholarships, complete the Financial Aid Application section of the online application. Award notification is sent to the applicant's mailing address with the acceptance letter. Award offers are official only when made in writing and signed by the dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

Other Scholarship and Financial Aid Opportunities
Many students take advantage of hundreds of external scholarships each year through their employers, civic and religious organizations, or other networks. External scholarships can supplement any additional aid you might receive from Tufts University, and there are several free website resources that can help make your search easier. Information on other types of financial assistance, including various loan programs and work-study, are available from Student Financial Services.

School Psychology Scholarships
Tufts' Department of Education awards up to three scholarships to third year students doing internships in Eastern Massachusetts' urban school districts. The purpose of these awards is to support and promote the development of professional competence in school psychology students working in urban settings. Second year students may apply once their internship placement has been confirmed.

Student Employment

  • Students seeking part-time work on campus should contact Student Employment, Dowling Hall.
  • Off campus employment opportunities may be available through TuftsLife.
  • Graduate students in the department are eligible to apply for positions as Research Assistants and Graduate Assistants. Each full time faculty member has the option to hire a Graduate Assistant at the beginning of the academic year. Job descriptions for both are posted in Student Employment Opportunities and students apply according to personal interest and qualification for the position. GA positions are for four hours weekly and are paid at an hourly rate; RA positions vary. Contact education@tufts.edu for more information.

Program Tuition and Fees
Tuition of $44,904 (2018-2019), per year is billed over the first two years only for the three year School Psychology Program and is inclusive of courses taken during the summer terms. This includes the summers prior to the first year, between the first and second years, and following the second year. No tuition is charged during the third year. However, there is a small continuation fee.

The University also charges the following fees:

  • A Graduate Student Activity Fee of $62 is assessed annually to support the activities of the Graduate Student Council.
  • Health Insurance cost ($2,750 for 2018-2019) for comprehensive medical coverage for students. If desired, coverage is also available for spouses and children. Students will be charged this amount unless a waiver is filed. This cost may be waived if proof of outside coverage from a U.S. carrier is submitted.
  • A Comprehensive Student Health Fee ($842 for 2018-2019) for use of Tufts health and counseling services is mandatory for students enrolled half-time or more.
  • For students taking longer than 3 years to complete the program, a continuation fee of $800 per additional semester will be assessed.

Additional costs and program fees:

  • Since tuition costs do not include room and board, living expenses are additional. Review the on-campus housing information.
  • Off campus housing information is available through the following resources:
  • A non-refundable deposit of $300 is due upon confirming your offer of admission.
  • Books will be an additional expense, likely between $200-300 per semester.

Application Checklist
You can find more information about the application process on the Tufts Graduate School Website. Tufts alumni, please read about the TuftsPlus program, as recent graduates may be eligible for a streamlined application process. A complete application to the program includes the following:

  1. Online Application for Admission through Tufts Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.
  2. College Transcripts: One official copy of each of your college transcripts
  3. Send GREs: Tufts University GRE code 3901
  4. Three Letters of Recommendation. Collectively the letters should address your capacity to accomplish graduate-level studies. One letter should be from an academic setting and speak to your writing ability. The other letters may be from clinical, research, or employment settings, either paid or volunteer.
  5. Résumé
  6. Shadowing: In order to become informed about the roles and responsibilities of practitioners in the field, arrange to meet with and observe a practicing school psychologist.
  7. Personal statement: Elaborate on your reasons for wishing to pursue graduate study at Tufts and your vision of becoming a school psychologist. Describe significant experiences, inspiring individuals, important relationships, and/or influential events that motivated you to take this path.
  8. Application fee of $85 (non-refundable).
  9. Interview Day: Attendance at our Interview Day, usually the first Saturday in March, is highly recommended. You will learn about what differentiates Tufts from other programs, have an individual admissions interview, participate in a group process exercise, give a writing sample, meet current students and faculty, and take a campus tour. We realize that attendance may not be possible, but we encourage all applicants to make every effort to attend this day.
  10. Financial Aid Applications: If you are applying for financial assistance and/or a Tufts University Department-based scholarship, be sure to complete the following two steps:
    1. Complete the Financial Aid Application section of the online application.
    2. To apply for loans and other financial assistance that is awarded from outside Tufts University, you will also need to complete a FAFSA at www.fafsa.ed.gov (The Tufts FAFSA Code is 002219)

You can find more information about the application process on the Tufts Graduate School Website. If you have questions please call 617.627.2390 or email steven.luz-alterman@tufts.edu.