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Museum Education

Courses & Requirements

The MA in Museum Education is a two-year, eleven-course program. Each student takes five required museum studies courses, two required education courses, and four electives relating to the discipline of the student's area of interest. The electives form an important part of a student's preparation for work in the field, for museum educators need both content knowledge and strategies for teaching that content.

Course Requirements: 11 Courses
5 Museum Studies Courses
  • Museum Foundations Course:
    ED 285 Museums Today: Mission and Function
  • Museum Education Foundations Course:
    ED 280 Museum Education and Interpretation
  • Museum Curriculum Course:
    ED 281 Museum Education for K – 12 Audiences
  • Seminar:
    ED 282 Proseminar in Museum Interpretation
  • Museum Practicum:
    ED 284 Practicum in Museum Education (a course that is the culminating experience of the student's course of study)

2 Education Courses (one from each category)

Education Foundations Course:

  • ED 161 Anthropology and Sociology of Schooling
  • ED 162 Critical Histories of U.S. Education
  • ED 163 Philosophies
  • ED 167 Critical Race Theory
  • ED 191 Psychological perspective with a focus on gender and rural issues (new in spring 2011)
    Desc here

Psychology of Development and Education:

  • ED 130 Human Development and Learning
  • ED 142 Education of the Exceptional Child
  • ED 245 Social and Emotional Development in Childhood and Adolescence
  • CSHD 211 Contemporary and Critical Perspectives on Child Development
  • CSHD 151 or 252 Intellectual Development of the Child
  • CSHD 161 or 262 Advanced Personal-Social Development

4 Electives, Depending on Concentration (no category requirements)
Note: These are recommendations

Math and Science:

  • ED 111 Development of Knowledge and Reasoning in Science Curriculum
  • ED 112 Mathematics Learning Environments
  • ED 191 Understanding and Tapping Student Resources for Learning
    desc here
  • ED 224 Theory and Research in Early Childhood and Elementary Mathematics Education
  • ED 225 Theory and Research in Elementary and Middle School Mathematics Education
  • ED 182/CD 145 Technological Tools for Thinking and Learning
  • ED 119 Development of Knowledge and Reasoning in Engineering Education
  • ED 129 The Practice of Teaching Engineering and Design
  • ED 121 The Practice of Teaching Science
  • ED 122 The Practice of Teaching Mathematics
  • ED 211 Experiencing Scientific Inquiry
  • ED 212 Experiencing and Teaching Scientific Inquiry
  • ED 213 Responsive Teaching in Science
  • Science, math, or engineering courses as needed

Art Education and Art History:

  • EDS 175 Art Education Foundation PreK-8 (with permission of instructor)
  • EDS 177 Art Education Foundation 5 -12 (with permission of instructor)
  • CSHD 178 Creative Movement and Body Language
    (Cross-listed as DNC 91; hosted by Dance Dept.)
  • CSHD 179 Child Art
  • FAH 160 Museum History and Theory
  • FAH 101 Historiography & Methodology (with permission of instructor)
  • ANTH 162 Anthropological Approaches to Art & Aesthetics
  • Art history courses as needed

History, Classics, and Anthropology:

  • ED 110 History and Political Science/Political Philosophy Curricula
  • ED 113 Language Arts Curricula in the Middle and Secondary School
  • CSHD / ED 116 Interdisciplinary Elementary Curriculum
  • ED 184 Geography in the Curriculum
  • HIST 200 Graduate Historiography
  • HIST 290 Historical Interpretation of Material Culture
  • ANTH 132 Myth, Ritual and Symbol
  • AMER 185 Seminar: Native American Issues: Politics of Representation
  • History, Classics, or anthropology courses as needed

Museum Studies Courses:

  • ED 191 Museums and New Media
  • HIST 289 Exhibition Planning
  • ED 292 Museums and Online Learning
  • UEP 191 Philanthropy and Fundraising

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