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Middle and High School Education

Meet Students and Alumni

If you are thinking about applying to our program and would like to talk with one of our current students or alumni, feel free to email those who have included their contact information below.

Current Students
Kate Elizabeth Goldberg Kate Elizabeth Goldberg (contact me)

I graduated from Connecticut College in May 2018 with a B.A. in American Studies and began the Tufts MAT program shortly thereafter. I spent two semesters abroad in college and learned a lot about communication, learning, and empathy across cultures, which ultimately drove my decision to pursue a career in education. I did not take any formal education courses during my undergraduate degree, but the Tufts program welcomed me with open arms.

Currently, I'm a graduate student at Tufts while spending four days each week bouncing around the Somerville High School history department as a UTTC intern. The community of teachers at Somerville has allowed me to observe and teach multiple classes at multiple grade levels while supporting my attention to coursework, and the close relationship between Somerville and Tufts has given me comfort as I begin this new chapter. My professors and classmates encourage me to explore different pedagogies as form my own, and our time together gives meaning to my experiences at Somerville. I'm increasingly grateful for the Tufts program because it supports a model of experiential learning alongside theory-based research, and my mentor teachers continue to claim that Tufts produces the most prepared teachers when compared to other Boston-area programs.
Jerib Carson Jerib A. Carson (contact me)
MAT, Secondary Science, 2010

Currently, I am a teacher in the New York City Department of Education where I teach science and technology at Madiba Prep middle school, a STEM-E school located in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. For the past four years I have taught 7th and 8th grade science as well as robotics using the NXT and EV3 LEGO Robotics platforms.

The curriculum I have developed is designed to expose students to math, science, technology, and engineering concepts using authentic, activities-based learning experiences. My ultimate goal is to inspire inner-city students to pursue challenging academic work, achieve high standards, and acquire the passions for STEM disciplines that ultimately lead to careers. Based on the data I have collected thus far, these experiences have led to increases in problem solving, comprehending STEM related skills and concepts, and the application of theory to practice.
Daphne Francois Daphne François (contact me)
MAT, Latin and Classical Humanities, 2015

Currently, I am teaching middle school Latin at Boston Latin Academy. This is my second year teaching five sections of 8th grade full time at BLA. Before I was a teacher at BLA, I taught secondary level Latin for one year at a charter school in Boston and another year at an independent school in New York.

When I was first hired at Boston Latin Academy, I simultaneously enrolled in the Tufts MAT program. During my year of teaching at BLA and enrollment in the educator's program at Tufts, I realized how fortunate I was to experience an educator's program that encouraged honesty with regards to teaching practice, celebrated the wonder and excitement of education and cared to nurture conscientious educators for students of the 21st century. The Tufts MAT program provided the ideal support and mentoring that I wish every aspiring educator should and could have.
Micaela Harris Micaela Harris
MAT, Math Education, 2013

I received my Bachelor's degree in Sociology from Spelman College and a Post-Baccalaureate certificate from Smith College in Mathematics. While I pursued my MAT at Tufts, I interned at Boston Arts Academy, and I am currently in my third year of teaching math at Codman Academy Charter School in the Boston neighborhood of Dorchester.

My mom always told me, "If you follow your passion [for teaching math], work will never feel like work." She was right.
Kendal Schwarz Kendal Schwarz (contact me)
MAT, Middle School Math Education, 2013

After graduating from Tufts in 2013 I started my first job teaching at Cambridge Street Upper School, a public middle school in Cambridge, MA. I have been teaching 8th grade mathematics there for the past three years.

I am still in contact with my mentors and peers from the Tufts education program. The support I received through Tufts made an immense impact on my ability to go confidently into a teaching profession. It was great to be a part of such a proactive and supportive community. Everything we learned and talked about in class was directly related to what we were working on or doing in our student teaching internships.
Jeremy Shaw Jeremy "Jerry" Shaw (contact me)
MAT, Engineering Education, 2013

I currently am the lead engineering teacher & engineering curriculum developer at South Shore Vocational Technical High School in Hanover, MA.

As an experienced engineer coming into the Tufts program I had plenty of content knowledge, but little idea of how to convey this to a high school audience. This program really focused on the particulars that had me reexamine what the field of engineering was, how to engage students of all backgrounds/abilities and completely prepared me for the many challenges in the classroom. While my program focused on engineering education I truly appreciated how most classes mixed all teachers which allowed for hearing cross-curricular strategies and experiences from English, Science, History & Math teachers, among others. I also really appreciated how the entire department was always available to help work through the challenges, questions and moral support needed throughout the program.
Nathaniel Granitto Smith Nathaniel Granitto Smith (contact me)
MAT in Secondary English Education, 2014

I have been working since 2014 in the Salem High School English Department, teaching primarily Freshmen English with the occasional Creative Writing and Poetry Class.

Taking part in the Tufts MAT program, as a member of the Urban Teacher Training Collaborative, was the best preparation for teaching in a diverse urban school I could have asked for. It gave me time and experience in a school with plenty of opportunity for practice and reflection. My professors and classmates demanded a level of critical thinking, and commitment to equity and equality, that will continue to drive my practice for years to come. Visit my website >