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Elementary STEM Education


Sample Schedule

Sample Courses Themes Semester Hourly Units
Summer Session
ED 130 Human Development and Learning Introduction to constructivist theories, cultural aspects of development, and general theories of learning 3
ED 161 Anthropology and Sociology of Schooling Explores educational institutions and the various external and internal societal forces that shape them. Attention to critical, ethnographic studies of schooling. Emphasis on dynamics of gender, race, class, and sexuality as organizing forces of schooling and society. 3
Fall Semester
ED 111 Development of Knowledge and Reasoning in the Science Curriculum Examining student thinking and reasoning in the STEM discipline where the candidate has strengths and interests 3
ED 103 Introduction to Teaching in Elementary School Seminar for pre-practicum; students examine the cognitive, social, & emotional aspects of schooling; issues of urban schooling and working with students from urban settings; examine schools as community institutions and teaching for social justice 3
ED 116 Interdisciplinary Elementary Curriculum "Content" courses, with critical examinations of engineering, and social studies 3
Spring Semester
ED 104 Elementary Supervised Teaching Seminar course, examination of work of practicum placements including assessment, student support, working with professionals in the building, and working with parents; focus on urban teaching and working with students in urban settings 6
ED 127 Practice of Teaching Elementary STEM Lesson-study style reflection and critique of specific cases from the candidates' teaching; developing frameworks for hearing and responding to student thinking; development of professional practice 3
ED 117 Interdisciplinary Elementary Curriculum "Content" courses, with critical examinations of engineering, and social studies; continuation of ED 116 3
Summer Session
ED 142 Education of the Exceptional Child Exploring learning differences, disabilities, and "giftedness" through lenses of assessment, support, and what it means to be "exceptional" in public schools 3
ED 191 Foundations of Literacy Exploring the role of literacies, multiliteracies, reading and writing instruction, and responding to students' developing dispositions as literate individuals in schools. 3
ED 191 Any Color You Like This STEAM course examines color and perception through artistic and scientific practices. 3
TOTAL Semester Hourly Units 36