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Art Education

Meet Students & Alumni

If you are thinking about applying to our program and would like to talk with one of our current students or alumni, feel free to email those who have included their contact information below.

Jesse Greaves' artwork
Erica's Student's Artwork

Jesse Greaves, Four Bikes, 2014, Gelatin Silver Print

Erica Frisk Erica Frisk
M.A.T. in Art Education, 2013

Photography and Visual Arts teacher at Andover High School, Andover, MA

Attending the Art Education program at Tufts University in affiliation with SMFA was truly a life changing experience. I could not have asked for a better program that seamlessly blended visual art, student centered learning, social justice oriented pedagogy and real world, hands on experience. The knowledge and training imparted in this program has broadened my perspective on arts education and assisted me in creating thoughtful and engaging curriculum that allows my students flourish as artists.

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Sepi Golestani Sepi Golestani (contact me)
M.A.T. in Art Education, 2014

Sepi Golestani graduated from Tufts University and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (SMFA) with a Master of Arts in Teaching in 2014. Sepi is a certified art teacher with more than 15-year background in painting in a variety of media, especially watercolor.

She has taught children's studio art classes and adult watercolor classes at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston since 2013.

Sepi currently teaches Visual Arts to elementary school students with Natick Public Schools in Massachusetts and Adult Watercolor courses at Boston Museum of Fine Arts and Saint Demetrios Church in Weston.
Yan Jiang Yan Jiang (contact me)
M.A.T. in Art Education, 2016

My name is Yan Jiang. I was born and grew up in China. I am an art teacher focusing on K-5, and am also a practicing artist.

I graduated from China Academy of Art with a Bachelor of Architecture and Environment design. I worked as an art teacher three years focus on K-12 in Shanghai. In the summer 2015, I began to continue my professional growth by studying at Tufts University / School of Museum of Fine Arts to receive a Master of Arts in Teaching specializing in Art Education. I finished a full-year internship in Newton Peirce Elementary school. After graduating, I worked at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, and currently, I am an art program director at SUGART studio in Lexington. My website is yanartedu.com.
Lauren Roeser Lauren Roeser (contact me)
M.A.T. in Art Education, 2016

As a 2016 graduate of the Tufts Art Education program, I had the confidence in my ability to get kids of all ages and abilities excited about making art, even in my first year as a young educator. I currently teach at Central Catholic High School in Lawrence, Massachusetts where my goal is to inspire my students through both the study of Art History and Contemporary Art. My hope is that they are able to express themselves freely and use their own voices to create art that helps them make meaning of their world. We spend just as much time in my classroom talking about art as we do making it, which I believe leads to an appreciation for the artistic process as well as a respect for the ideas of others - two things the Tufts MAT program exemplifies in its instruction.
Karl Stephan Karl Stephan (contact me)
M.A.T. in Art Education, 2015

I teach in my Cambridge studio, at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston and elsewhere. I have juried and curated a number of gallery shows. I have consulted with a variety of community arts programs, and I offer career guidance for young artists. Beginning in 2019 I will supervise student teachers for the Tufts SMFA MAT program.

Katie's Student's Artwork
Cora Parrish, Grade 11, 2013, "Land of the Unknown," watercolor and colored pencil on paper

Katie Sussman (contact me)
M.A.T. in Art Education, 2013

Art Teacher, Bedford High School

The MAT program at Tufts/SMFA prepared me as much as humanly possible for the interviewing process and my first year of teaching.  I feel lucky to have found a program that strengthened my ability to incorporate student-centered learning, interdisciplinary connections, and social justice into my curricula.  I now feel confident in my implementation of rich, meaningful lessons that challenge my students technically and creatively.

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