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Art Education

Meet the Faculty

Every faculty member of the program has been a public school art teacher and/or museum art educator as well as a practicing artist. Each brings hands-on, real world experience to classroom seminars, as well as a deep understanding of cutting edge theory and research in the field of art education.

Susan Barahal Susan Barahal
Director of Art Education at Tufts University and The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Susan is the Director of the Art Education Program. She teaches the Art Education Field Studies 5-12 seminar and the Seminar on Student Teaching 5-12. Her research interests include how art facilitates and informs learning and understanding across the disciplines and content areas. Susan's recent research explores the empathic responses that art objects evoke in viewers. Susan holds a Ph.D. in the History of Art & Architecture from Boston University. She also holds a M.Ed. from Boston University and a B.S. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
Pamela Bower-Basso Pamela Bower-Basso
Pam is a full-time faculty member in the M.A.T. Art Education program. She has a Master's degree from Rhode Island School of Design and a B.A. from Brown University. Pam teaches the following Art Education courses: Field Studies in Art PK-8, Art Education Foundations 5-12, Art Education Curriculum PK-8 and Art Ed Curriculum 5-12.
Katharine Furst Katharine Furst
Kay holds a MFA in Creative Arts and Learning. Her present concentration is on art and play, concentrating on art making for all types of learners. She currently teaches with the Masters in Art Education program as well as two undergraduate courses that introduce art education as a career.