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Art Education

Courses & Requirements

The MAT in Art Education is a 10-12 course program leading to endorsement for initial teacher license in Massachusetts. Students are encouraged to complete the program as full-time students; the MAT degree is usually completed over 12 months - during two 6-week summer sessions and an academic year (i.e., fall and spring semesters).

Summer Sessions on the Tufts University Campus
1 Course in Human Development and Learning:
  • ED 130 Human Development and Learning

1 Course in the Social, Cultural and Historical Foundations of Education (choose one):

  • ED 161 Anthropology and Sociology of Schooling
  • ED 162 Critical Histories of U.S. Education

1 Course in Exceptionalities in Learning:

  • ED 142 Education of the Exceptional Child
  • ED 191B The Exceptional Child and Art Pedagogy
Fall Semester at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts
1 Course in Art Education Foundations (choose one depending on track)
  • EDS 175 Art Education Foundations, Pre-K-8
  • EDS 177 Art Education Foundations, 5-12

1 Course in Field Studies in Art Education - This includes Pre-practicum internships which are comprised of 1 day per week in the public school and 1 session per week in the Museum children's studios (choose one depending on track):

  • EDS 179 Field Studies in Art Education, Pre-K-8
  • EDS 180 Field Studies in Art Education, 5-12

8 Credits of Studio Art Courses at SMFA
(8 studio credits translate into 2 course credits on Tufts transcript)

Spring Semester in the full-time student teaching internship with 2 courses at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts
1 Course in Art Education Curriculum (choose one depending on track):
  • EDS 176 Grades Pre-K-8
  • EDS 178 Grades 5-12

1 Full Time Student Teaching Practicum, 5 days a week and Seminar on Student Teaching (choose one depending on track):

  • EDS 173 Student Teaching in Art, Pre-K-8
  • EDS 174 Student Teaching in Art, 5-12

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