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Art Education

About the Program

Philosophy and Overview

The Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) Art Education program prepares art teachers to contribute to our multicultural society. Our students explore art making and works of art through a variety of cultural, historical, and socio-political lenses, and our graduates make art accessible and sustainable for their students of all ages in diverse communities.

Art Education

The program is aimed at artists who want to teach in PK-12 schools, after-school programs, or museums. The requirements include student teaching internships at area public schools, fieldwork at the MFA, as well as coursework in art, education, and art education. It is a 12-month program for full time students, beginning with three courses at Tufts in the summer. During the fall and spring semesters, students take courses at the SMFA and work as interns in area schools, observing at first and working up to full-time student teaching in the spring. See the Course Requirements and Field Placement pages for details.

Job Placement

Graduates are eligible for a Massachusetts teaching license, and post-graduation, 88% of our alumni from the past three years are employed in art education. To learn more about license and career information, visit our career services website.


  • To develop critical, scholarly knowledge and reflective, pedagogic skills and consider the role of art in the lives of PK-12 school students and their communities
  • To consider art education in a multicultural context and interdisciplinary perspective
  • To explore various art education philosophies in order to inform teaching and learning
  • To expand studio art and technology skills
  • To address the needs of all PK-12 students by means of differentiated instruction and a variety of appropriate art materials and media
  • To learn how to effectively collaborate with museum educators and cultural organizations
  • To meet all program requirements in order to be eligible to apply for the Massachusetts Teacher License in Visual Art at the Initial Level (for either PK-8 or 5-12 grade levels)
  • To be prepared to enter professional teaching communities in PK-12 schools and be knowledgeable of employment opportunities, job search processes, professional portfolios, and interview skills