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Urban Mathematics and Science Teacher Collaborative - (Noyce)
New Fellowship Program for Math and Science Teachers Grades 1-12

Meet the First Cohort of Noyce Fellows

The Cohort One Noyce Fellows are currently in their third year of teaching: in Massachusetts, Colorado and California.

  Chris Flaherty

Chris, a double Jumbo who interned at Boston Arts Academy in Boston, is currently in his third year of teaching at Boston Arts Academy.

"I am committing to teaching in schools and districts who are in the greatest need of math and science teachers. This aspect is especially appealing to me because I have a firm belief that all students can learn math."
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  Elsa Head

Elsa, who also has a master's degree from Tufts University in engineering and environmental studies and interned at the Mission Hill School in Boston, is currently teaching math at Vassal Lane Upper School in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

"It's a dynamic and difficult and important profession. I really feel committed to this kind of work and I feel like I'm at the right place."

  Aaron Lowenkron

Aaron interned at Fenway High School in Boston and currently teaches math at East High School in Denver, Colorado.

"The close-knit community surrounding the Noyce Teaching Fellows offers tremendous support and resources. This is exactly what I was looking for in a teacher education program."

  Elena Murray

Elena, a double Jumbo who interned at Boston Arts Academy, currently teaches math at Revere High School in Revere, Massachusetts.

"So much of what I have pursued in my adult life connects back to a high school math teacher who was so much more than just a teacher to me. Being on site every day allows me to be a teacher and more for my students, and I keep Mr. Farrelly in mind every day."
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  Nora Paul-Schultz

Nora, who interned at Fenway High School, is now a physics teacher at the John D. O'Bryant School of Mathematics and Science in Boston, Massachusetts.

"I really appreciate how we are in an urban school that has an amazing sense of community and that we are part of that community. We're there every day."

  William Schwartz

Will, a double Jumbo who interned at Boston Arts Academy, currently teaches math at Chelsea High School in Chelsea, Massachusetts.

"This is the first experience where kids are really paying attention to everything I say."