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School Psychology Program students New Grant to Study Hip Hop Making Spaces

Education Professor Brian Gravel and partners Christopher Wright (an Education Department alum, now a professor at Drexel University), Eli Tucker-Raymond (TERC), Dionne Champion (TERC), Amon Millner (Olin College of Engineering), and Ayana Allen-Handy (Drexel University) received a new research grant from the NSF's STEM+C program entitled "Using Culturally Sustaining Learning Environments to Explore Computational Learning & Identity." This design project will engage youth from Boston, Philadelphia, and Gary, Indiana in making activities focused on the five original elements of hip hop: MCing, DJing, Graffiti, Breakdance, and Knowledge. The PIs will explore how youth, in doing these activities, develop computational practices for learning in STEM and the influence that has on their STEM identities.
School Psychology Program students Congratulations to the School Psychology Program

The School Psychology program has been awarded a four year training grant from the United States Health Resources and Services Administration. The grant (an award of $533,000) will fund the Tufts University Behavioral Health Enhanced School-based Training (BHEST) initiative. Jackie Dejean, Assistant Dean of Research, noted that Tufts is one of 136 programs selected nation wide to promote health and health equity by funding innovative training programs. BHEST proposed a unique supervisory model for behavioral health training in schools that places school psychology interns in integrated behavioral health training positions in underserved communities in the greater Boston area. Over the next four years, 30 BHEST interns will work in schools in Boston, Lawrence, Cambridge, and Lowell and will participate in a collaborative training model with field-based school psychologists and school nurses, and with Tufts School Psychology faculty. According to Laura Rogers, a Co-Director of the School Psychology and the BHEST project director, there is an increasing need for schools to promote behavioral health for all students, and preparing interns to do so in a collaborative, interdisciplinary model with school nurses will integrate and advance initiatives occurring in schools and will enhance the behavioral health skills of our graduate students. The grant will be used to support the interns through stipends, and to provide professional development and support for behavioral health initiatives.
New Courses - Fall 2017

ED 91: Language Arts in Action
Day and Time: Monday 1:30-4:15pm @WSS and Wednesday 1:30-2:30pm @Tufts
Instructor: Linda Beardsly
Course poster >

ED 189: Role of Story in Education
Day: Tuesday and Tuesdays
Time: 12-1:15pm
Instructor: Linda Beardsly
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ED 191: School-Prison Nexus
Day: Monday
Time: 1:20-4:20pm
Instructor: Sabina Vaught
TA: Deirdre Judge
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Radical Lesbian Thought
Kailah Carden joins forces with Associate Professor Sabina Vaught to develop a new course. Learn more >
Major in Education
The department now offers an undergraduate major! For more information, see Undergraduate Programs.
The Education Department has added a course to the fall semester...
ED 189 The Role of "Story" in Education - Linda Beardsley

The Education Department has added a course to the fall semester course offerings. This trailer provides a glimpse into the themes of the course and the ways it can help students think about their own education "story," their intellectual narrative, as they envision their future.