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Courses for Undergraduates Only

Some courses are only open to students enrolled in one of our degree programs. Please see Current Course Offerings for courses available for general enrollment.

ED 001 School and Society
In the first half of this course, students will focus on the desegregation of the Boston public schools in the 1970s, and in the second half of the course students will survey some of the major issues in U.S. education today. Cohen

ED 011 Observing Theory In Action
Examination of the current issues facing schools, such as teacher evaluation, equity in school finance, and high stakes testing. Focus on public schools in the metropolitan area.  Students will spend one morning per week working in a local high school. Cohen

ED 013 The Global Educator
Essential educational issues from a global perspective. History, economics, and cultures of developing African nations. How the current (or developing) educational system is influenced by these issues. Case study illustrating aspects of working to build and sustain a school in Rwanda. Connections between education and citizenship from a global perspective. Fulfills a course for the undergraduate major and minor. Beardsley

ED 014 Food and Schools
This course, which explores the story of food and schools, will involve investigations into (1) the students' own school experiences as they relate to food and school, (2) the history of food in U.S. schools, (3) the ways by which school food is a battleground for many beliefs about school and society, and (4) how some schools approach feeding students and teaching about nutrition and food. A field work component will involve visits to local schools and/or educational institutions. Redmond

ED 015 Social-Emotional & Civic Learning in Schools
Explore how fostering social-emotional development and ethical civic learning in K-12 schools helps to advance the civic mission of public education. Study intersecting fields of civic education, moral education, and social-emotional learning (SEL). Consider research on and cases involving culturally responsive social-emotional learning. Interactive seminar. School site visit required. Culminating projects guided by students' questions and interests. Donahue-Keegan