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Senior Honors Thesis

Research Classes for Majors & Undertake a Senior Honors Thesis for Juniors

Many economics majors are interested in making research experience a part of their major. There are several ways to accomplish this goal.

  1. A number of elective classes in economics require a research paper. This can be a very good introduction to the research process because the selection of a topic, definition of the paper's structure, and research mentoring are built into the class. Economics classes that require a research paper are designated with a * on the semester class schedule published by the department.
  2. A research paper is often part of the requirements of a Special Topics (Economics 193) class. Since the content and requirements of these classes are constructed on a case-by-case basis, it would be up to the student and their faculty sponsor to agree on a research topic and the extent of the research requirement for the class. An Independent Study Form must be completed and submitted to the Economics office.
  3. Seniors who wish to undertake a one-semester research project may do so by undertaking a Senior Thesis (Economics 194) class. Every Senior Thesis must have a faculty member from the Economics Department as an advisor and supervisor. The credit awarded for a Senior Thesis will vary according to the scope of the project. A Senior Thesis Form must be completed and submitted to the Economics office.
  4. Seniors who wish to undertake a more formally organized, two-semester research project may do so by undertaking a Senior Honors Thesis (Economics 195 and 196) class. This is a larger and more complex research project that requires certain advance preparations. The regulations are described in the Tufts Bulletin under the heading Thesis Honors Program.

These regulations specify that by the end of your junior year you must have:

  1. qualified for the Dean's List at least twice.
  2. identified an Economics faculty member who agrees to chair your thesis committee and serve as your primary thesis advisor.
  3. worked with your primary thesis advisor to choose a specific thesis topic.

Senior Thesis students please note:
Tisch Library offers Research for Success: Using the Library for Thesis and Capstone Projects (EXP 19), an 8-week mini-course to assist senior thesis writers with the research process. You will learn the major research tools and techniques specific to your subject area, develop a working bibliography of resources and a plan for continuing your research. For more information, please see the Tisch library listing.

By the end of the first two weeks of the Fall Term you must submit the Senior Honors Thesis Agreement Form and the Senior Thesis Honors Candidate Form to the Economics office and Dowling Hall.