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Senior Honors Thesis: Archives

2016 Theses

Allison Wainer
"Wealth Accumulation and Homeownership for Low-income Households"
Advisor: Jeff Zabel

Gabriel Rondon Ichikawa
"Is Wage Theft Worth It?"
Advisor: Drusilla Brown

Lucas Conwell
"Immigrant Social Interactions Effects: Modeling Transportation Mode Choice in New York City"
Advisor: Anna Hardman

Hansen Yang
"An Empirical Estimation of the Cost of Capital for Energy Companies"
Advisor: Marcelo Bianconi

Anais Jurado
"Official Dollarization and Economic Performance: Evidence from Latin America"
Advisor: Enrico Spolaore

Beatriz Nallar
"The Impact of Commodity Prices on Bolivian Employment: A Look at the Determinants of Labor Force Participation"
Advisor: Marcelo Bianconi

Ellen Osborn
"Policy Inefficiencies in the Geographic Distribution of Californian Solar Markets"
Advisor: Ujjayant Chakravorty

Ziliang Yang
"Chinese Foreign Aid in Africa: An Empirical Investigation using Nighttime Light"
Advisor: Adam Storeygard

2015 Theses

Jordan Anderson
"Family Size, Child Nutrition Status and Immunization Status in Sub-Saharan Africa"
Advisor: Margaret McMillan

Daniel Beemon
"A Tale of Two Industries: Coke, Palm, and the Effects of Competition on Innovation"
Advisor: Lynne Pepall

Darcy Covert
"How Credit Worthiness Affects Vehicle Financing: Evidence from the Consumer Expenditure Survey and Survey of Consumer Finances"
Advisor: Jeffrey Zabel

John Hampson
"An Analysis of Residential Mortgages and How Leasing Standards and Regulations Have Changed Pursuant to the Financial Crisis of 2008?"
Advisor: Daniel Richards

Derek Li
"Do Perceptions of Loans Hinder Micro-Small-Medium Sized Enterprises (MSMEs) from Borrowing? An Analysis of Tanzania MSME Household Survey from Financial Sector Deepening Trust (FSDT)"
Advisor: Margaret McMillan

Mark Meiselbach
"The Impacts of Healthcare Reform on Access to Care and Health Behaviors in Low-Income Individuals: Evidence from Massachusetts"
Advisor: Melissa McInerney

Joseph Reiff
"Advertising, Habit Formation, and the Peer Effect: How banning advertising to children changed consumption and welfare in Quebec's toy industry"
Advisor: Lynne Pepall

Marcos Sacal
"Growth in Cities: Mexico's Case Study"
Advisor: Enrico Spolaore

Claire Schupmann
"Forced Labor or Dismissal Threats? An Analysis of Firm Incentive Strategies in Jordanian Apparel Factories"
Advisor: Drusilla Brown

Jahnvi Vaidya
"Evidence on Female Education from India: What is the Impact of Trade Liberalization?"
Advisor: Margaret McMillan

2014 Theses

Manasvini Baba
"Ethnic Neighborhoods and Naturalization in the United States"
Advisor: Anna Hardman

Jacquelyn Kercheval
"To Spank or Not to Spank: The Academic Implications of Power Assertive Discipline"
Advisor: David Garman

John McCauley, IV
"Do Environmental, Social or Corporate Factors Impact a Firm: Retention in the Stock Market?"
Advisor: George Norman

Amanda Merrill
"Gluten-Free Bread: Is it Worth the Price?"
Advisor: Ujjayant Chakravorty

Michael Roubey
"With the First Pick in the NFL Draft, Tversky and Kahneman Select…Irrationality in the NFL Draft as a Manifestation of Cognitive Biases, 1967-2013"
Advisor: David Garman

Emily Rourke
"Is There a Business Case for Verbal Abuse"
Advisor: Drusilla Brown

Janet Rubin
"The Carrot of the Stick: Incentivizing Overtime in Vietnamese Apparel Factories"
Advisor: Drusilla Brown