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Senior Honors Thesis

If you are a junior, with a minimum of 3.40 GPA and have enjoyed writing a research paper in one of your economics classes, this might be the right thing for you. A thesis is a great opportunity for a real capstone experience as part of your economics major.

It is important to find a faculty member to be your thesis advisor. If you have ideas about a thesis topic, talk with your advisor or a member of the economics faculty with similar research interests (see the department website for faculty research areas).

Senior Honors Thesis Facts:

  • A Senior Honors Thesis is a two-semester (three units) long project that results in a thesis paper.
  • Students also enroll each semester in a two-unit pass/fail course (Ec197: Senior Thesis Research Seminar)
  • Counts as two upper-level electives towards the economics major
  • It is overseen by (at least) a two-person committee consisting of an advisor and a reader.
  • A Senior Honors Thesis should answer a (very) specific question or test a particular hypotheses
  • It usually has an empirical component (but not necessarily)
  • Generally the narrower the topic/ the more specific the question, the better the thesis
  • Can be in any area of economics

2018 Theses

Ana Antolin
"The Impact of Downstream Buyer Power and Reputation Sensitivity on Factory Price and Compliance Choices: A theoretical Approach"
Advisor: Drusilla Brown

Mia Ellis
"Exploring the Relationship between Geography, Agglomeration Economies, and Firm Performance in Tanzanian Manufacturing"
Advisor: Margaret McMillan

Andrew Takasugi
"Modeling Damage Scenarios: An Analysis of How Damage Function Specification Affects the Optimal Carbon Price"
Advisor: Gilbert Metcalf

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