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Economics Minors

The Minor in Economics is designed for students who have done substantial work in economics but who do not choose to complete all the requirements for a concentration. The minor has a five-course requirement, made up of one basic course, two core courses, and two elective courses. The basic course provides a foundation for the treatment of theory and method that are used in the core courses, and these core courses are prerequisites for most elective courses. This hierarchy of courses makes it difficult to complete the minor in fewer than three semesters. The courses that satisfy these requirements are outlined below.

Please note that no more than one course can be transferred to meet the minor requirements. Second, all courses used in fulfillment of the minor must be taken for a grade. A grade of C- or better must be obtained in the core and elective courses. Finally, a maximum of two courses used in the fulfillment of a foundation, distribution, or concentration requirement can be used for fulfillment of requirements for a minor.

Basic Course
Principles of Economics (Economics 5) or Principles of Economics with Environmental Applications (Economics 8) equivalent.

Core Courses
Intermediate Microeconomic Theory (Economics 11 or 203) and either
Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory (Economics 12 or 18 or 205) or
Statistics (Economics 13 or 201, or Mathematics 162, or Engineering Science 56 or Electrical Engineering 104)

Elective Courses
Minors must complete two elective courses. One must be numbered Economics 12 or above and one course must be numbered Economics 100 or above. An exception will be made for those students who wish to use both Economics 86 and Economics 87 as electives and for those who wish to use Economics 15 as their upper-level (above Economics 100) elective. Courses used to complete the core courses may not be counted as electives.

For questions about the Minor in Economics, please contact one of the program advisors: Professor Marcelo Bianconi, or Professor Dan Richards.