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Research Paper Class

A research paper course requires a substantive piece of economic research as
an integral part of the course. Individual research paper courses will vary according to the course topic and instructor's teaching style. To be designated as a research paper course, however, the class must satisfy the following criteria:

  • A research paper must count for at least 25 percent of the course grade.
  • A research paper course must have at least one core course as a pre-requisite.
  • The research paper should involve original thought.
  • The research paper should be a substantive piece of work involving the following elements:
    • it should have a well defined hypothesis or question that the paper is capable of answering;
    • it should include instructor feedback at various stages of the writing process. (For example, students might be required to undertake the following sequential assignments: short paper topic description, outline, bibliography, first draft, final draft);
    • it should involve multiple drafts;
    • it should marshal the appropriate evidence to engage in a critical analysis of the economic theories or conjectures relevant to the underlying hypothesis or question.