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Faculty Working Papers

2014 Papers

  1. BIANCONI, Marcelo; Scott MacLACHLAN, and Marco SAMMON; Implied Volatility and the Risk-Free Rate of Return in Options Markets [pdf]

  2. SPOLAORE, Enrico; The Political Economy of European Integration [pdf]

  3. SPOLAORE, Enrico and Romain WACZIARG; Fertility and Modernity [pdf]

  4. GEE, Laura K.; The More You Know: Information Effects in Job Application Rates by Gender in a Large Field Experiment [pdf]

  5. STOREYGARD, Adam; Farther on Down the Road: Transport Costs, Trade and Urban Growth in sub-Saharan Africa [pdf]

  6. PEPALL, Lynne and Dan RICHARDS; Competition and Sustainability in Higher Education [pdf]

  7. AZARIADIS, Costas and Yannis M. IOANNIDES; Thinking About Corruption in Greece [pdf]

  8. DOWNES, Tom and Kieran M. KILLEEN; So Slow to Change: The Limited Growth of Non-Tax Revenues in Public Education Finance, 1991-2010 [pdf]

  9. IOANNIDES, Yannis M. and Junfu ZHANG; Walled Cities in Late Imperial China [pdf]

  10. NORMAN, George, Lynne PEPALL, and Dan RICHARDS; Sequential Product Innovation, Competition and Patent Policy [pdf]

  11. SEKHRI, Sheetal and Adam STOREYGARD; Dowry Deaths: Response to Weather Variability in India [pdf]

  12. DAVIS, Lucas W. and Gilbert E. METCALF; Does Better Information Lead to Better Choices? Evidence from Energy-Efficiency Labels [pdf]

  13. METCALF, Gilbert; Using the Tax System to Address Competition Issues with a Carbon Tax [pdf]

  14. METCALF, Gilbert; The Economics of Energy Security [pdf]

  15. DAPICE, David and Tom VALLELY; Choosing Survival: Finding a Way to Overcome Current Economic and Political Quagmires in Myanmar [pdf]

  16. DAPICE, David; A Fatal Distraction from Federalism—Religious Conflict in Rakhine [pdf]

  17. IOANNIDES, Yannis M.; Neighborhoods to Nations via Social Interactions [pdf]

  18. CHAKRAVORTY, Ujjayant, Martino PELLI, and Beyza Ural MARCHAND; Does the Quality of Electricity Matter? Evidence from Rural India [pdf]

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