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Faculty Working Papers

2013 Papers

  1. BIANCONI, Marcelo and Joe A. YOSHINO; Risk Factors and Value at Risk in Publicly Traded Companies of the Nonrenewable Energy Sector. [pdf]
  2. SPOLAORE, Enrico; What Is European Integration Really About? A Political Guide for Economists. [pdf]
  3. SPOLAORE, Enrico and Romain Wacziarg; Long-Term Barriers to Economic Development. [pdf]
  4. BIANCONI, Marcelo, Xiaxin HUA, and Chih Ming TAN; Determinants of Systemic Risk and Information Dissemination. [pdf]
  5. HENDERSON, J. Vernon, Mark ROBERTS, and Adam STOREYGARD; Is Urbanization in Sub-Saharan Africa Different? [pdf]
  6. IOANNIDES, Yannis M.; Large Versus Small States in The Eurozone, The Democratic Deficit, and Future Architecture [pdf]
  7. DAPICE, David and Tom VALLELY; Against the Odds: Building a Coalition [pdf]
  8. DAPICE, David; Rice Policy in Myanmar: It's Getting Complicated [pdf]
  9. DAPICE, David and Nguyen Xuan THENH; Creating a Future: Using Natural Resources for New Federalism and Unity [pdf]
  10.  DUY NGHIA, Pham, Nguyen Xuan THANH, Huynh The DU, Do Thian Anh TUAN, Ben WILKINSON, Vu Thanh Tu ANH, Dwight PERKINS and David DAPICE; Unplugging Institutional Bottlenecks to Restore Growth: A Policy Discussion Paper Prepared for the 2013 Vietnam Executive Leadership Program (VELP) [pdf]

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