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Faculty Working Papers

2012 Papers

  1. CHISOLM, Darlene C. and NORMAN, George; Spatial Competition and Market Share: An Application to Motion Pictures. [pdf]
  2. BIANCONI, Marcelo, Joe A. YOSHINO, and Mariana O. MACHADO DE SOUSA; BRIC and the U.S. Financial Crisis: An Empirical Investigation of Stocks and Bonds Markets. [pdf]
  3. BIANCONI, Marcelo and Joe A. YOSHINO; Empirical Estimation of the Cost of Equity: An Application to Selected Brazilian Utilities Companies [pdf]
  4. FERNANDES, Ana and TANG, Heiwai; Learning from Neighbors' Export Activities: Evidence from Exporters' Survival [pdf]
  5. SPOLAORE, Enrico; The Economics of Political Borders. [pdf]
  6. SPOLAORE, Enrico and Romain WACZIARG; How Deep Are the Roots of Economic Development? [pdf]
  7. SPOLAORE, Enrico and Romain WACZIARG; War and Relatedness [pdf]
  8. MITYAKOV, Sergey, TANG, Heiwai, and Kevin K. TSUI; International Politics and Import Diversification in the Second Wave of Globalization [pdf]
  9. TANG, Heiwai and Yifan ZHANG; Quality Differentiation and Trade Intermediation. [pdf]
  10. BIANCONI, Marcelo and Joe A. YOSHINO; Worldwide Commodities Sector Market-To-Book and Return on Equity Valuation. [pdf]
  11. DAPICE, David, Michael J. MONTESANO, Anthony J. SAICH, and Thomas J. VALLELY; Appraising the Post-Sanctions Prospects for Myanmar's Economy: Choosing the Right Path [pdf]
  12. DAPICE, David; The Exchange Rate in Myanmar: An Update to January 2012 [pdf]
  13. DAPICE, David; Electricity in Myanmar: The Missing Prerequisite for Development [pdf]
  14. DAPICE, David; Myanmar: Negotiating Nation Building, A Path to Unity and Progress [pdf]
  15. DAPICE, David; China and Yunnan Economic Relations with Myanmar and the Kachin State: Powering the Peace Process [pdf]
  16. DAPICE, David; Electricity Demand and Supply in Myanmar [pdf]

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