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Faculty Working Papers Archives

2010 Papers

  1. MICHALOPOULOS, Stelios, Luc LUEVEN, and Ross LEVINE; Financial Innovation and Endogenous Growth [pdf]
  2. CHISOLM, Darlene C. and George NORMAN; Competition in Product Lines. [pdf]
  3. IOANNIDES, Yannis M.; Neighborhood Effects and Housing. [pdf]
  4. BIANCONI, Marcelo, and Joe A. YOSHINO; Firm Value, Investment and Monetary Policy. [pdf]
  5. FERNANDES, Ana and Heiwai Tang; The Determinants of Vertical Integration in Export Processing: Theory and Evidence from China. [pdf]
  6. MICHALOPOULOS, Stelios, Alireza NAGHAVI, and Giovanni PRAROLO; Trade and Geography in the Economic Origins of Islam: Theory and Evidence. [pdf]
  7. ASHRAF, Quamrul and MICHALOPOULOS, Stelios; The Climatic Origins of the Neolithic Revolution: Theory and Evidence. [pdf]
  8. METCALF, Gilbert E., Aparna MATHUR, and Kevin A. Hassett; Distributional Impacts in a Comprehensive Climate Policy Package. [pdf]
  9. RAUSCH, Sebastian, Gilbert E. METCALF, John M. REILLY, and Sergey PALTSEV; Distributional Implications of Alternative U.S. Greenhouse Gas Control Measures. [pdf]
  10. BLUME, Lawrence E., William A. BROCK, Steven N. DURLAUF, and Yannis M. IOANNIDES; Identification of Social Interactions.
  11. TANG, Heiwai; Labor Market Institutions; Firm-specific Skills, and Trade Patterns. [pdf]
  12. MICHALOPOULOS, Stelios and Elias PAPAIOANNOU; Divide and Rule or the Rule of the Divided? Evidence from Africa. [pdf]
  13. LOURY, Linda Datcher; College Schooling for Grandchildren and Contact with Grandparents. [pdf]
  14. METCALF, Gilbert E. and Catherine WOLFRAM; Cursed Resources? Political Conditions and Oil Market Outcomes. [pdf]
  15. METCALF, Gilbert E.; Paying for Greenhouse Gas Reductions: What Role for Fairness? [pdf]
  16. DAPICE, David, Mike MONTESANO, Thomas J. VALLELY, and Ben WILKINSON; Revitalizing Agriculture in Myanmar: Breaking Down Barriers, Building a Framework for Growth [pdf]

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