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Faculty Working Papers Archives

2008 Papers

  1. METCALF, Gilbert E.; Using Tax Expenditures to Achieve Energy Policy Goals [pdf]
  2. METCALF, Gilbert E.; Tax Policy for Financing Alternative Energy Equipment [pdf]
  3. KOURTELLOS, Andros, Thanasis STENGOS, and Chih Ming TAN; Structural Threshold Regression [pdf]
  4. LOURY, Linda; All in the Extended Family: Grandparents and College Attendance [pdf]
  5. BALAN-COHEN, Andreea; "Healthy, Wealth, and Wise? The Impact of the Old Age Assistance Program on Elderly Mortality in the United States" [pdf]
  6. IOANNIDES, Yannis and Giulio ZANELLA; Searching for the Best Neighborhood: Mobility and Social Interactions [pdf].
  7. METCALF, Gilbert E.; Assessing the Federal Deduction for State and Local Tax Payments [pdf].
  8. CARLSON, Curtis and METCALF, Gilbert E.; Energy Tax Incentives and the Alternative Minimum Tax [pdf].
  9. IOANNIDES, Yannis ; "Intercity Trade and Convergent versus Divergent Urban Growth" [pdf].
  10. IOANNIDES, Yannis ; "Full Solution of an Endogenous Sorting Model with Contextual and Income Effects" [pdf].
  11. MICHALOPOULOS, Stelios; The Origins of Ethnolinguistic Diversity: Theory and Evidence. [pdf]
  12. SPOLAORE, Enrico; Federalism, Regional Redistribution, and Country Stability [pdf]
  13. METCALF, Gilbert E. and David WEISBACH; The Design of a Carbon Tax [pdf]
  14. SAICH, Anthony, Dwight PERKINS, David DAPICE, Vu THANH TU ANH, Nguyen Xuan THANH, Huynh THE DU; Choosing Success: The Lessons of East and Southeast Asia and Vietnam's Future [pdf]
  15. THANH, Nguyen Xuan, Vu Thanh Tu ANH, David DAPICE, Jonathan PINCUS, and Ben WILKINSON; Structural Change: Structural Roots of Macroeconomic Instability [pdf]

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