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Faculty Working Papers Archives

2007 Papers

  1. METCALF, Gilbert E. and John M. REILLY; Policy Options for Controlling Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Implications for Agriculture. [pdf]
  2. LOURY, Linda Datcher; Am I Still Too Black For You?: Schooling and Secular Change in Skin Tone Effects. [pdf]
  3. TAN, Chih Ming; Economic Growth Nonlinearities. [pdf]
  4. PEPALL, Lynne and Daniel RICHARDS; Targeted Transfers, Investment Spillovers, and the Tax Environment. [pdf]
  5. DURLAUF, Steven N., Andros KOURTELLOS, and Chih Ming TAN; Are Any Growth Theories Robust? [pdf]
  6. SPOLAORE, Enrico, Romain WACZIARG;The Diffusion of Development. [pdf]
  7. SPOLAORE, Enrico; Civil Conflict and Secessions. [pdf]
  8. SHIMSHACK, Jay P., and Michael B. WARD; Enforcement and Over-Compliance. [pdf]
  9. DELMAS, Magali, Maria MONTES-SANCHO, and Jay P. SHIMSHACK; Information Disclosure Policies: Evidence from the Electricity Industry. [pdf]
  10. IOANNIDES, Yannis M., Henry G. OVERMAN, Esteban, ROSSI-HANSBERG, and Kurt SCHMIDHEINY; The Effect of Information and Communication Technologies. [pdf]
  11. CHISHOLM, Darlene C., and George NORMAN; Product Line Rivalry: How Box Office Revenue Cycles Influence Movie Exhibition Variety. [pdf]
  12. CHISHOLM, Darlene C., Margaret MCMILLAN, and George NORMAN; Product Differentiation and Film Programming Choice: Do First-Run Movie Theatres Show the Same Films? [pdf]
  13. CHISHOLM, Darlene C., and George NORMAN; Spatial Competition and Agglomeration: An Application to Motion Pictures. [pdf] (Revised version Working Paper #1 2012)
  14. HASSETT, Kevin A., Aparna MATHUR, and Gilbert E. METCALF; The Incidence of a U.S. Carbon Tax: A Lifetime and Regional Analysis. [pdf]

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