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Faculty Working Papers Archives

2006 Papers

  1. IOANNIDES, Yannis and Adriaan SOETEVENT; Wages and Employment in a Random Social Network with Arbitrary Degree Distribution. [pdf]
  2. DAGEN, Richard and Daniel RICHARDS; Merger Theory and Evidence: The Baby-Food Case Reconsidered. [pdf]
  3. PEPALL, Lynne, Daniel RICHARDS, John STRAUB and Michael DeBartolo; Competition and Civic Engagement in the Religious Marketplace. [pdf] Updated
  4. LOURY, Linda; Job Search Among Informal Contacts. [pdf]
  5. Bir, Anupa and Karen EGGLESTON; Measuring Selection Incentives in Managed Care: Evidence from the Massachusetts State Employee Insurance Program. [pdf]
  6. PEPALL, Lynne, Daniel RICHARDS and Liang TAN; Advertising: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. [pdf]
  7. METCALF, Gilbert E.; Tax Incidence. [pdf]
  8. METCALF, Gilbert E.; Value-Added Tax. [pdf]
  9. METCALF, Gilbert E.; Energy Conservation in the United States: Understanding its Role in Climate Policy. [pdf]
  10. LOURY, Linda; All in the Extended Family: Grandparents, Aunts, and Uncles and Educational Attainment. [pdf]
  11. IOANNIDES, Yannis; Empirics of Social Interactions. [pdf]
  12. METCALF, Gilbert; Federal Tax Policy Towards Energy. [pdf]
  13. DURLAUF, Steven N., Andros KOURTELLOS, and Chih Ming TAN; Is God in the Details? A Reexamination of the Role of Religion in Economic Growth. [pdf]
  14. KOURTELLOS, Andros, Chih Ming TAN, and Xiabo ZHANG; Is the Relationship Between Aid and Economic Growth Nonlinear? [pdf] Updated
  15. DOWNES, Thomas and Shane GREENSTEIN; Understanding Why Universal Service Obligations May Be Unnecessary: The Private Development of Local Internet Access Markets. [pdf]
  16. BROWN, Drusilla K., Thomas DOWNES, Karen EGGLESTON, and Ratna KUMARI; Human Resource Management Technology Diffusion Through Global Supply Chains: Productivity and Workplace Based Health Care. [pdf]
  17. LOURY, Linda; Informal Contacts and Job Search Among Young Workers. [pdf]
  18. LOURY, Linda; All in the Extended Family: Grandparents, Aunts, and Uncles and Educational Attainment. [pdf]
  19. LOURY, Linda; Teen Childbearing and Conservative Religious Communities. [pdf]
  20. LOURY, Linda; Schooling, Skin Tone, and Attractiveness: Beauty Makes Skin Seem Deep. [pdf]
  21. BEATTY, Timothy K.M., Peter BERCK, Jay P. SHIMSHACK; Curbside Recycling in the Presence of Alternatives. [pdf]
  22. DAPICE, David; Improving Secondary Education Through Institutional Innovation: A Report to UNDP and UNICEF [pdf]

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