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Faculty Working Papers Archives

2005 Papers

  1. EGGLESTON, Karen, Keqin RAO and Jian WANG; From Plan to Market in the Health Sector? China's Experience. [pdf]
  2. BEATTY, Timothy K.M., Jay SHIMSHACK, and Michael B. WARD; Are Mercury Advisories Effective? Information, Education, and Fish Consumption. [pdf] Updated
  3. KIM, Henry and Jinill KIM; Welfare Effects of Tax Policy in Open Economies: Stabilization and Cooperation. [pdf]
  4. KIM, Henry, Jinill KIM and Robert KOLLMANN; Applying Perturbation Methods to Incomplete Market Models with Exogenous Borrowing Constraints. [pdf]
  5. KIM, Henry, Jinill KIM, Ernst SCHAUMBURG and Christopher A. SIMS; Calculating and Using Second Order Accurate Solutions of Discrete Time Dynamic Equilibrium Models. [pdf]
  6. KIM, Henry, Soyoung KIM and Yunjong WANG; International Capital Flows and Boom-Bust Cycles in the Asia Pacific Region. [pdf]
  7. KIM, Henry, Soyoung KIM and Yunjong WANG; Fear of Floating in East Asia. [pdf]
  8. HODLER, Roland and Kurt SCHMIDHEINY; How Fiscal Decentralization Flattens Progressive Taxes [pdf]
  9. SCHMIDHEINY, Kurt; Income Segregation from Local Income Taxation When Households Differ in Both Preferences and Incomes. [pdf]
  10. KEELY, Louise C. and Chih Ming TAN; Understanding Preferences For Income Redestribution. [pdf] Updated
  11. TAN, Chih Ming; No One True Path: Uncovering the Interplay between Geography, Institutions, and Fractionalization in Economic Development. [pdf] Updated
  12. IOANNIDES, Yannis and Esteban ROSSI-HANSBERG; Urban Growth. [pdf]
  13. PATERSON, Robert W. and Jeffrey E. ZABEL; The Effects of Critical Habitat Designation on Housing Supply: An Analysis of California Housing Construction Activity. [pdf]
  14. DOWNES, Tom and Shane GREENSTEIN; Understanding Why Universal Service Obligations May Be Unnecessary: The Private Development of Local Internet Access Markets. [pdf]
  15. Calvo-Armengol, Antoni and Yannis M. IOANNIDES; Social Networks in Labor Markets. [pdf]
  16. IOANNIDES, Yannis M.; Random Graphs and Social Networks: An Economics Perspective. [pdf]
  17. METCALF, Gilbert E.; Tax Reform and Environmental Taxation. [pdf]
  18. DURLAUF, Steven N., Andros KOURTELLOS, and Chih Ming TAN; Empirics of Growth and Development. [pdf]
  19. IOANNIDES, Yannis M. and Adriaan R. SOETEVENT; Social Networking and Individual Outcomes Beyond the Mean Field Case. [pdf]
  20. CHISHOLM, Darlene and George NORMAN; When to Exit a Product: Evidence from the U.S. Motion-Pictures Exhibition Market. [pdf]
  21. CHISHOLM, Darlene, Margaret S. MCMILLAN and George NORMAN; Product Differentiation and Film Programming Choice: Do First-Run Movie Theatres Show the Same Films? [pdf]
  22. METCALF, Gilbert E. and Jongsang PARK; A Comment on the Role of Prices for Excludable Public Goods. [pdf]

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