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Faculty Working Papers Archives

2004 Papers

  1. EGGLESTON, Karen and Winnie YIPP; Hospital Competition under Regulated Prices: Application to Urban Health Sector Reforms in China. [pdf]
  2. EGGLESTON, Karen and Chee-Ruey HSIEH; Health Care Payment Incentives: A Comparative Analysis of Reforms in Taiwan, Korea and China. [pdf]
  3. EGGLESTON, Karen; Competition, Altruism, and Provider Payment. [pdf]
  4. LOURY, Linda; Some Job Contacts are More Equal Than Others: Earnings and Job Information Networks. [pdf]
  5. LOURY, Linda; Teen Childbearing and Community Religiosity. [pdf]
  6. LOURY, Linda; Religiosity and High School Misbehavior. [pdf]
  7. MAJUMDAR, Sumon and Sharun MUKAND; Policy Gambles. [pdf]
  8. JAIN, Sanjay and Sharun MUKAND; Public Opinion and the Dynamics of Reform. [pdf]
  9. MAJUMDAR, Sumon, Anandi MANI, and Sharun MUKAND; Politics, Information and the Urban Bias. [pdf]
  10. BIANCONI, Marcelo; Aggregate and Idiosyncratic Risk and the Behavior of Individual Preferences under Moral Hazard. [pdf]
  11. BIANCONI, Marcelo; Transfer Programs and Consumption under Alternative Insurance Schemes and Liquidity Constraints. [pdf]
  12. BIANCONI, Marcelo; Heterogeneity, Adverse Selection and Valuation with Endogenous Labor Supply. [pdf]
  13. BIANCONI, Marcelo and Stephen J. TURNOVSKY; The Welfare Gains from Stabilization in a Stochastically Growing Economy with Idiosyncratic Shocks and Flexible Labor Supply. [pdf]
  14. SHIMSHACK, Jay P. and Michael B. WARD; Regulator Reputation, Enforcement, & Environmental Compliance. [revised] [pdf]
  15. NORMAN, George and Joel P. TRACHTMAN; The Customary International Law Supergame: Order and Law. [pdf]
  16. BROWN, Drusilla K. and George NORMAN; Optimal Intellectual Property Rights Protection and Humanitarian Assistance during and International Health Emergency. [pdf]
  17. LOURY, Linda; Job Tenure and Personal Contacts: Good Matches or Limited Choices? [pdf]
  18. KUTSOATI, Edward and Sharun MUKAND; Expectations and the Central Banker: Making Decisions the Market Expects to See? [pdf]
  19. HARDMAN, Anna and Yannis IOANNIDES; Income Mixing and Housing in U.S. Cities: Evidence From Neighborhood Clusters of the American Housing Survey. [pdf]
  20. HARDMAN, Anna and Yannis IOANNIDES; Neighbors' Income Distribution: Economic Segregation and Mixing in US Urban Neighborhoods. [revised] [pdf]
  21. EGGERS Andrew and Yannis IOANNIDES; The Role of Output Composition in the Stabilization of U.S. Output Growth. [pdf]
  22. SHIMSHACK Jay; Are Mercury Advisories Effective? Information, Education, and Fish Consumption. [pdf]

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