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Faculty Working Papers Archives

2000 Papers

  1. BROWN, Drusilla K. and Robert M. STERN; Measurement and Modeling of the Economic Effects of Trade and Investment Barriers in Services. [pdf]
  2. BROWN, Drusilla K., Alan V. DEARDORFF, and Robert M. STERN; Computational Analysis of the Government Of India's Market Opening Initiatives. [pdf]
  3. BROWN, Drusilla K.; International Labor Standards in the World Trade Organization and the International Labor Organization. [pdf]
  4. METCALF, Gilbert E.; Environmental Levies and Distortionary Taxation: Pigou, Taxation, and Pollution. [pdf]
  5. BROWN, Drusilla K.; International Trade and Core Labor Standards: A Survey of the Recent Literature. [pdf]
  6. IOANNIDES, Yannis M. and Henry G. OVERMAN; Zipf's Law For Cities: An Empirical Examination. [pdf]
  7. HALLER, Hans H. and Yannis M. IOANNIDES; Propaedeutics of Strategic Theories of Economic Integration. [pdf]
  8. IOANNIDES, Yannis M. and George PETRAKOS; Regional Disparities in Greece and the Performance of Crete, Peloponnese and Thessaly. [pdf]
  9. KUTSOATI, Edward; Debt-Contingent Inflation Contracts and Targeting. [pdf]
  10. NORMAN, George and Lynne PEPALL; Product Differentiation and Upstream-Downstream Relations. [pdf]
  11. CARRARO, Carlo and Gilbert E. METCALF; Behavioral and Distributional Effects of Environmental Policy: Introduction. [pdf]
  12. IOANNIDES, Yannis M. and Jeffrey E. ZABEL; Neighborhood Effects and Housing Demand. [pdf]
  13. NORMAN, George; Internalization Revisited. [pdf]
  14. HARRIS, Timothy F. and Yannis M. IOANNIDES; History versus Expectations: an Empirical Investigation. [pdf]
  15. FULLERTON, Don and Gilbert E. METCALF; Cap and Trade Policies in the Presence of Monopoly and Distortionary Taxation. [pdf]
  16. HARRIS, Timothy F. and Yannis M. IOANNIDES; Productivity and Metropolitan Density. [pdf]
  17. DOWNES, Thomas A. and Shane GREENSTEIN; Universal Access and Local Commercial Internet Markets. [pdf]
  18. IOANNIDES, Yannis M. and Henry G. OVERMAN; Spatial Evolution of the US Urban System. [pdf]
  19. NORMAN, George; The Relative Advantages of Flexible versus Designated Manufacturing Technologies. [pdf]
  20. PEPALL, Lynne and Daniel RICHARDS; Merger Wars: Bidding for Complementary Assets. [pdf]

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