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Faculty Working Papers Archives

1999 Papers

  1. MCMILLAN, Margaret S.; Foreign Direct Investment: Leader or Follower? [pdf]
  2. MASTERS, William A. and Margaret S. MCMILLAN; Ethnolinguistic Diversity, Government Expenditures and Economic Growth Across Countries. [pdf]
  3. MASTERS, William A. and Margaret S. MCMILLAN; A Political Economy Model of Agricultural Taxation, R&D, and Growth in Africa. [pdf]
  4. BROWN, Drusilla K., Alan V. DEARDORFF, and Robert M. STERN; U.S. Trade and Other Policy Options and Programs to Deter Foreign Exploitation of Child Labor. [pdf]
  5. PEPALL, Lynne and Dan RICHARDS; The Simple Economics of "Brand-Stretching." [pdf]
  6. BIANCONI, Marcelo; The Effects of Alternative Fiscal Policies on the Intertemporal Government Budget Constraint.
  7. BIANCONI, Marcelo; A Dynamic Monetary Model with Costly Foreign Currency.
  8. FULLERTON, Don, Inkee HONG, and Gilbert E. METCALF; A Tax on Output of the Polluting Industry is Not a Tax on Pollution: The Importance of Hitting the Target. [pdf]
  9. BERNHARDT, Dan and Edward KUTSOATI; Can Relative Performance Compensation Explain Analysts' Forecasts of Earnings? [pdf]
  10. IOANNIDES, Yannis M.; Economic Geography and the Spatial Evolution of Wages in the United States [pdf]
  11. IOANNIDES, Yannis M.; Neighborhood Interactions in Local Communities and Intergenerational Transmission of Human Capital. [pdf]
  12. IOANNIDES, Yannis M.; Residential Neighborhood Effects. [pdf]
  13. HARRIS DOBKINS, Linda and Yannis M. IOANNIDES; Spatial Interactions Among U.S. Cities: 1900-1990. [pdf]
  14. IOANNIDES, Yannis M.; Why Are There Rich and Poor Countries? Symmetry Breaking in the World Economy: A Note. [pdf]
  15. HARDMAN, Anna M. and Yannis M. IOANNIDES; Residential Mobility and the Housing Market in a Two-sector Neoclassical Growth Model. [pdf]
  16. DOBKINS, Linda Harris and Yannis M. IOANNIDES; Dynamic Evolution of the U.S. City Size Distribution. [pdf]
  17. IOANNIDES, Yannis M. and Kambon KAN; The Nature of Two-Directional Intergenerational Transfers of Money and Time: An Empirical Analysis. [pdf]
  18. BRILL, Alexander M., Kevin A. HASSETT, and Gilbert E. METCALF; Household Energy Conservation Investment and the Uninformed Consumer Hypothesis. [pdf]
  19. BROWN, Drusilla K.; Can Consumer Product Labels Deter Foreign Child Labor Exploitation? [pdf]
  20. MILYO, Jeffrey; A Problem with Euclidean Preferences in Spatial Models of Politics. [pdf]
  21. GRAN, Brian and Jeffrey MILYO; The Effects of Extended Time on Exams for College Students Without Learning Disabilities: A Classroom Experiment. [pdf]
  22. MELLOR, Jennifer M. and Jeffrey MILYO; Re-Examining the Evidence of an Ecological Association Between Income Inequality and Health. [pdf]
  23. GROSECLOSE, Tim and Jeffrey MILYO; Buying the Bums Out: What's the Dollar Value of a Seat in Congress?
  24. MUKAND, Sharun; Globalization and the 'Confidence Game.' [pdf]
  25. HAJIVASSILIOU, Vassilis A. and Yannis M. IOANNIDES; Unemployment and Liquidity Constraints. [pdf]
  26. IOANNIDES, Yannis M. and Henry G. OVERMAN; Cross-Sectional Evolution of the U.S. City Size Distribution. [pdf]

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