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Faculty Working Papers Archives

1998 Papers

  1. METCALF, Gilbert E.; A Distributional Analysis of an Environmental Tax Shift.
  2. BIANCONI, Marcelo; Intertemporal Budget Policies in an Endogenous Growth Model with Nominal Assets
  3. NORMAN, George and Jacques-Fran├žois THISSE; Should Pricing Policies be Regulated when Firms may Tacitly Collude?
  4. NORMAN, George and Lynne PEPALL; Horizontal Mergers in Spatially Differentiated NonCooperative Markets: a Comment.
  5. DOWNES, Thomas and David FIGLIO; School Finance Reforms, Tax Limits, and Student Performance: Do Reforms Level-Up or Dumb Down?
  6. MILYO, Jeffrey; The Electoral Effects of Campaign Spending in House Elections: A Natural Experiment Approach.
  7. MILYO, Jeffrey and Joel WALDFOGEL; The Effect of Price Advertising on Prices: Evidence in the Wake of 44 Liquormart.
  8. NORMAN, George and Jacques-Fran├žois THISSE; Technology Choice and Market Structure: Strategic Aspects of Flexible Manufacturing.
  9. MILYO, Jeffrey and Samanth SCHOSBERG; ; Gender Bias and Selection Bias in House Elections.
  10. NORMAN, George; Foreign Direct Investment and International Trade: a Review.
  11. MILYO, Jeffrey; The Political Economics of Campaign Finance: Lessons for Reform.
  12. MCMILLAN, Margaret; A Dynamic Theory of Primary Export Taxation: Evidence From Sub-Saharan Africa.
  13. NORMAN, George and Lynne PEPALL; Mergers in a Cournot Model of Spatial Competition: Urban Sprawl and Product Specialization.
  14. DE FRAJA, Gianni and George NORMAN; Product Differentiation and the Location of International Production.
  15. MELLOR, Jennifer and Jeffrey MILYO; Income Inequality and Health Status in the United States: Evidence From the Current Population Survey.
  16. YU, David; Rational Bubbles Under Diverse Information.
  17. YU, David; Two Equivalence Theorems For Government Finance.
  18. NORMAN, George and Lynne PEPALL; Product Competition and Upstream Flexible Specialization.
  19. BROWN, Drusilla K.; A Transactions Cost Politics Analysis of International Child Labor Standards.
  20. BROWN, Drusilla K., Alan V. DEARDORFF, and Robert M. STERN; Computational Analysis of the Accession of Chile to the NAFTA and Western Hemisphere Integration.
  21. RICHARDS, Dan; Predatory Mergers: A Note.
  22. MILYO, Jeffrey; What do Candidates Maximize (and Why Should Anyone Care)?
  23. HASSETT, Kevin A. and Gilbert E. METCALF; Investment With Uncertain Tax Policy: Does Random Tax Policy Discourage Investment?
  24. MUKAND, Sharun W.; Globalization and the 'Confidence Game': Policy Making in an Open Economy.
  25. JAIN, Sanjay and Sharun W. MUKAND; Redistribution and the Political Impediments to Economic Reform.

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