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Faculty Working Papers Archives

1997 Papers

  1. ASSETT, Kevin A. and Gilbert E. METCALF; Measuring the Energy Savings from Home Improvements Investments: Evidence from Monthly Billing Data. [pdf]
  2. METCALF, Gilbert E.; Measuring the Incidence of a National Retail Sales Tax: Annual Versus Lifetime Incidence Measures. [pdf]
  3. FULLERTON, Don and Gilbert E. METCALF; Environmental Controls, Scarcity Rents, and Pre-Existing Distortions. [pdf]
  4. DOWNES, Thomas A. and Jeffrey E. ZABEL; The Impact of School Quality on House Prices: Chicago 1987-1991. [pdf]
  5. MILYO, Jeffrey; Pathologies of Spatial Models of Politics: Were Green and Shapiro Really Right After All?
  6. FULLERTON, Don and Gilbert E. METCALF; Environmental Taxes and the Double Dividends Hypothesis: Did You Really Expect Something for Nothing? [pdf]

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