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Faculty Working Papers Archives

1996 Papers

  1. BIANCONI, Marcelo and Stephen J. TURNOVSKY; International Effects of Government Expenditures in Interdependent Economies.
  2. PEPALL, Lynne M. and Daniel J. RICHARDS; Reach for the Stars: A Strategic Upstream-Downstream Game. [pdf]
  3. MOTTA, Massimo and George NORMAN; In Medio Virtus. The Scope for Competition Policy when Market Structure is Endogenous.
  4. DOBKINS, Linda H. and Yannis IOANNIDES; Dynamic Evolution of the U.S. City Size Distribution.
  5. ENGLUND, Peter and Yannis IOANNIDES; House Price Dynamics: An International Empirical Perspective.
  6. HARDMAN, Anna M. and Yannis IOANNIDES; Residential Mobility and the Housing Market in a Two-Sector Neoclassical Growth Model.
  7. CORRES, Stelios and Yannis IOANNIDES; Attrition of Firms and Bankruptcy.
  8. HALLER, Hans H. and Yannis IOANNIDES; Monetary Union or Else.
  9. HALLER, Hans H. and Yannis IOANNIDES; Strategic Game Models of Economic Integration.
  10. IOANNIDES, Yannis and Kamon KAN; The Nature of Two-Directional Intergenerational Transfers of Money and Time: An Empirical Analysis.
  11. HAJIVASSILIOU, Vassilis A. and Yannis IOANNIDES; Unemployment and Liquidity Constraints.
  12. IOANNIDES, Yannis and Kamon KAN; Parental Transfers of Money and Time and the Labor Supply of Married Women.
  13. DOWNES, Thomas A., Richard F. DYE and Therese J. MCGUIRE; Do Limits Matter? Evidence on the Effects of Tax Limitations on Student Performance.
  14. METCALF, Gilbert E.; Consumption Taxation.
  15. MILYO, Jeffrey and Tim GROSECLOSE; What Makes Blue Chip Challengers Yellow: Green Money or Red Tape?
  16. ZABEL, Jeffrey; Controlling for Quality in House Price Indices.

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