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Faculty Working Papers Archives

1995 Papers

  1. ZABEL, Jeffrey; An Analysis of Elasticities in Censored Regression Models.
  2. METCALF, Gilbert E.; Labor Supply and Welfare Effects of a Shift from Income to Consumption Taxation.
  3. METCALF, Gilbert E.; The Role of a Value-Added Tax in Fundamental Tax Reform.
  4. DOWNES, Thomas A. and Jacquelyn L. HOROWITZ; An Analysis of the Effect of Chicago School Reform on Student Performance.
  5. DOWNES, Thomas A. and Mona P. SHAH; The Effect of School Finance Reforms on the Level and Growth of Per Pupil Expenditures.
  6. FORTUNE, Peter; Tax-Exemption, Tax-Exclusion and Tax Reform: The Subsidy for Municipal Investment.
  7. KIEL, Katherine A. and Jeffrey E. ZABEL; The Accuracy of Owner Provided House Values: The 1978-1991 American Housing Survey.
  8. KIEL, Katherine A. and Jeffrey E. ZABEL; House Price Differentials in U.S. Cities: Household and Neighborhood Racial Effects.
  9. KIEL, Katherine A. and Jeffrey E. ZABEL; Evaluating the Usefulness of the American Housing Survey for Creating House Price Indices.
  10. PEPALL, Lynne; Competition, Integration and Flexible Specialization.
  11. NORMAN, George; Technology Choice and Market Structure: Strategic Aspects of Flexible Manufacturing.

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