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Department Highlights: 2010-2011

Philip Green Wright, Double Jumbo and Inventor of IV Regression

On October 3, 2011, the Department of Economics organized a special Wellington-Burnham event honoring our distinguished alum Philip Green Wright on the 150th anniversary of his birth. Philip Green Wright was a creative and path-breaking scholar, and the author of the first published use of Instrumental Variables regression, a central method in econometrics. He was born in Boston on October 3, 1861, and graduated from Tufts with an Accelerated Master's/Bachelor's degree in 1884. Learn more about Philip G. Wright >

The event was introduced by President Anthony Monaco and featured lectures on Philip G. Wright's contribution and legacy by James Stock and Kerry Clark of Harvard University and by Joshua Angrist of M.I.T., followed by remembrances of Philip G. Wright as a grandfather and a writer from his grandchildren Rosalind Wright Harris and Theodore P. Wright Jr. Click on the links below to view presentation slides.

James Stock, Harold Hitchings Burbank Professor of Political Economy, Harvard University: "Philip Wright, the Identification Problem in Econometrics, and its Solution" [pdf]

Joshua Angrist, Ford Professor of Economics, MIT: "Instrument Variables in Action: Sometimes You Get What You Need." [pdf]

Kerry Clark, Harvard University: "Philip and Sewall Wright and the Invention of Instrumental Variables Regression." [pdf]

Remembrances by Philip Green Wright's Grandchildren [pdf]

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