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Department Highlights: 2014-2015

Comings and Goings
The Economics Department is very happy to announce that Professor Alan Finkelstein-Shapiro will join the Tufts Economics Department next Fall. Alan is a specialist in macroeconomics, with particular interest in the labor market dynamics associated with the business cycle. His work includes both applied macroeconomic theory and empirical macroeconomic research. We are confident that he will add much to the Department's scholarship and teaching and we welcome Alan to the Tufts community.

The Department's good news on the hiring front has been balanced by a number of faculty departures. Earlier in the academic year, both Professors Arthur Chiang and Rodrigo Wagner resigned from Tufts to take new positions elsewhere. We wish them well and hope that our paths continue to intersect. More recently, the Department has accepted the decisions of Professor David Dapice and Professor George Norman to retire. Each will teach their last class at Tufts this Spring.
[posted 04/2015]

On the Retirement of David Dapice
David Dapice joined the Tufts faculty in 1973 upon the completion of his Ph.D. at Harvard. In the years that followed, he taught macroeconomics and development economics to countless Tufts students, while also serving frequently as a consultant for numerous agencies such as the World Bank and U.S. Agency for International Development among others. His over 50 policy papers for these and other agencies specialize in the development and macro policy issues confronting countries in Southeast Asia. David has also held appointments at the Brookings Institution, the Harvard Institute for International Development, and the Rockefeller Foundation where many of his papers have been presented and published. Here at Tufts, David served as a former Department chair, the president of the Delta (Tufts) Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, and a member of the Fulbright Selection Committee, and serves on boards for International Relations and the Institute for Global Leadership, among many other functions. Since 2000, he has been employed jointly at Tufts and at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government where he is the Chief Economist at the Myanmar and Vietnam Program in the Ash Institute for Democratic Governance and Innovation. Students, staff, and faculty alike will miss David's savvy real-world economics understanding, his deep commitment to teaching, his ever ready and ever friendly smile, and his cunning (or should I say punning?) wit. We wish him all the best and remind him that he is always welcome back.
[posted 04/2015]

On the Retirement of George Norman
George Norman came to Tufts in the Fall of 1995. He earned his Ph.D. at King's College, University of Cambridge in 1975 and subsequently taught at the University of Reading, Leicester University, where he also served as head of department, and the University of Edinburgh, again as head of department. In 1998, he was appointed the first holder of the William and Joyce Cummings Family Chair of Entrepreneurship and Business Economics, a chair that he holds to this day. George has served as a member of the editorial boards on Regional Science and Urban Economics, the Bulletin of Economic Research, and the BE Journals in Economic Analysis and Policy. He has published over 60 articles in refereed journals; written 14 more papers as book chapters; and edited over a dozen anthologies on various topics in applied microeconomics. He is also a co-author (with Lynne Pepall and Dan Richards,) of the leading undergraduate text in industrial organization. Here at Tufts, George has served as the Director of the Department's Graduate Program and also as the Chair of the Arts, Sciences, and Engineering Tenure and Promotion Committee, among many other departmental and college assignments. His always-outstanding teaching was recognized in 2002 when he won the Lerman-Neubauer Prize for Outstanding Teaching and Advising. For the past 10 years, he has regularly taught at least one section of Economics 5, introducing literally thousands of students to the mysteries of economics and motivating many to purse an economics major. Students, staff, and faculty will miss George's dedicated teaching, his prolific scholarship, his generosity of spirit, and of course, his Scottish accent. He too takes back to his UK homeland our best wishes and the knowledge that he will always be welcome at Tufts.
[posted 04/2015]

Graduate Student Wenfeng Qiu took second place in the 2015 Tufts Graduate Student Research Symposium Prize Competition
Wenfeng Qiu, a second year student in our M.S. in Economics program, took second place in the 2015 Tufts Graduate Student Research Symposium Prize Competition for ten minute research presentations. Competing with masters' and doctoral students from across AS&E, Wenfeng's prize-winning presentation focused on his thesis research assessing the determinants of carbon intensity in the U.S. electric power sector. In addition to Wenfeng, Naijia Zhang and Xiaozhou Ding made presentations about their thesis research at the symposium. Congratulations to all three for having their research accepted for presentation at the Symposium and a special congratulations to Wenfeng for his second place showing in the competition.
[posted 04/2015]

Professor Ioannides Recognized for Lifetime Scholarly Achievements
Yannis Ioannides was recognized, jointly with Professor Costas Azariadis, Washington University at St. Louis, for their lifetime scholarly achievements and for their contributions to improving the quality of scholarship among Greek economists, at an event that took place on July 14, 2014, under the auspices of the 2014 Conference on Research on Economic Theory and Econometrics (C.R.E.T.E. 2014). Ioannides has been a founding member of C.R.E.T.E. and member of its organizing and program committee since its inception in 2002. John Geanakoplos (Yale), Christopher Pissarides (LSE), Enrico Spolaore (Tufts), and Chris Waller (Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis), spoke during the session.
[posted 09/2014]

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