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Graduate Student Profiles

Student Listing 2016-2017

Matthew Amato, first year M.S. Student:
I grew up in Revere Massachusetts located only 6 miles east of the Tufts campus. After graduating high school in Revere I attended The University of Texas at Austin where I earned my B.A. degree in Economics. Upon completion of my degree at Texas I found a job at a private investment bank in Boston but left after 2 years of employment to join the Peace Corps. I served in the Peace Corps as an Environmental Education volunteer in Madagascar for two and a half years then remained in Madagascar for another two years working as a development consultant for a large flavor and fragrance company. During my time in Madagascar I knew I wanted to return home and pursue a Master's degree from a top tier University in a field of study similar to the work I was doing in Madagascar. I choose the duel Economics and Urban Policy Planning degree from Tufts because it is one of the premier programs I have found that actually combines hard qualitative economic skills with the theory and practice of policy planning and management. The faculty here is diverse and unique and always ready to give extra time and effort to any student in need. The accessibility of professors and the wide variety of talent and innovation is really what sets this department apart from others. After graduation I would like to work in international development and my dream job would be to work for USAID or for the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations.

Guangbin Hong, first year M.S. Student:
Before coming to Tufts, I studied Construction Management in Tianjin University and Finance in Nankai University. I gradually discovered my passion in economics research in my undergraduate study, but my coursework and research experiences were not enough for me to apply for a PhD program. Hence, I chose the economics master program at Tufts with the hope of enriching my economic analytical toolset and getting research immersion. The program has been a good fit for me. The small cohort size guarantees that every student receives ample attention from each professor, which is not common in other comparable programs. Great seminar series and research opportunities are provided so that I could gain my experiences and find my interested topics. Plus, Boston is a very pleasant city to live and I have enjoyed the community very much! I plan to apply for a PhD program after the master degree with the ambition of entering the academia.

Kate Nguyen, first year M.S. Student:
Before coming to Tufts, I received a B.A. from Hamilton College in Clinton, NY. I applied my undergraduate training working for the World Bank in economic policy development, as well as conducting academic research. I chose Tufts because I felt it was the ideal place to further develop my training in Economics, given the rigor of the coursework, the small class size, and most importantly, accessibility to the amazing faculty at the department, who are experts in various fields of economics, such as energy, development, and labor. My time in the program has equipped me with strong quantitative analysis skills, and honed my understanding and interest in the field. After my studies, I plan to continue building a career in macroeconomics and policy analysis.

Ed Olivares, second year MS student:
I only developed a serious interest in economics during my senior year at the College of William and Mary, and by the time I decided to pursue a graduate education in economics and a career as an economist, it was too late for me to get the mathematics and research credentials that I would have needed to apply to a PhD program. Tufts is the ideal place to build up those credentials. The coursework is rigorous and quantitatively challenging, and I have the opportunity to develop research ideas and a thesis that can serve as a basis for a PhD dissertation. Prior to coming here, I felt that Tufts seemed to put more effort into integrating its master's students into the department than other programs, and my experience so far has borne that out – the faculty are very helpful and encouraging. Plus, one of the perks is a very excellent series of guest speakers.

Priyanjana Pramanik, first year M.S. student:
I came to Tufts after completing my B.A. in Economics (Honours) from Jadavpur University in Calcutta, India. I've been interested in Economics since high school, and am delighted to be here. The faculty at Tufts has been wonderful, and the coursework is both rigorous and rewarding. My areas of interest are environmental economics, behavioural studies and economic development, and I hope to combine these interests into my research thesis. In addition to my coursework, I am a teaching assistant for EC13 (Introductory Statistics) and next semester, I will be assisting with an experiment in behavioural economics. Currently, I am enjoying the collegial atmosphere of Tufts, and believe this course is a great stepping stone into either doctoral studies or employment in the private sector.

Nicholas Santosuosso, first year M.S. student:
I decided early on in my time as an undergraduate at Merrimack College that I wanted to pursue graduate studies in Economics, and the MS program at Tufts has given me every opportunity to pursue my academic and personal interests. The professors at Tufts are not only well-published experts in their fields, but also approachable mentors in the classroom who are passionate about student success. There are countless elective classes to choose from and a wide range of guest speakers throughout the year, which helps make the program highly flexible for students interested in either applying to PhD programs or entering industry upon graduation. Perhaps the best part of being a student in the program is the support I receive from the other members of my cohort; Tufts offers a warm and collaborative environment where I have never really felt alone when struggling with a difficult assignment. Working towards my MS in Economics at Tufts has given me access to the resources of a top-tier research university, while forming close relationships between my peers and instructors. The program has been both rigorous and rewarding, and has provided me with skills that I will rely on throughout my career.