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Graduate Student Profiles

Student Listing 2018-2019

Sean Kim, Research Track M.S. Student:
I grew up in Seoul, South Korea and studied economics at Kyung-hee University before coming to Tufts. I have been interested in pursuing a Ph.D. in Economics since college, and time at Tufts has given me invaluable experiences to transform myself into a researcher. The coursework here is very rigorous and rewarding, and the small class size provides students with numerous opportunities to learn how to do research and get personalized attention from faculty members. Tufts has great seminar series and monthly happy hours where we can get exposed to research and talk with professors. There are many TA and RA opportunities offered to Master's students, which are very important as a prospective Ph.D. student and researcher. Tufts also has a very warm and collaborative environment where people have each other's back and are willing to help others who are struggling. I am very happy to study here at Tufts and live in a beautiful city like Medford.

Nicholas Mello, Course Track M.S. Student:
I grew up in Massachusetts and attended UMass Dartmouth to earn a BA in Economics, coupled with a Minor in Mathematics. I knew once I started taking my economics courses that I had found my interest and wanted to pursue graduate work in the field. My decision to join the MS program at Tufts was based on the quality of the program and the flexibility it gave its students in its outcomes. I hadn't engaged in a significant amount of research as an undergrad so I saw Tufts as a great opportunity to do so. This program is challenging and rigorous and has pushed me towards my potential as a student. The faculty at Tufts are extremely thoughtful and helpful, and their guidance has been invaluable to me as a student. In addition to learning, working as a TA has allowed me to continue my passion for educating and has reinforced my ability to convey information to others. I am still unsure if I want to apply for a PhD program or begin working in the private sector, but I know that Tufts is providing me with the skillset required for either outcome, and will help me decide which is right for me.

Gengbin Piao, Research Track M.S. Student:
After my graduation from CUFE in China, I decided to come to Tufts for a better preparation as well as making final decisions for applying to an econ PhD. Tufts offers its master students a wide range of course selections including the crucial math courses that are the pre-requisites of (almost) every econ PhD program, (and you can select more advanced ones if you like, from Tufts or even BU). It also provides a great many research opportunities for our Masters students to develop a better research aptitude. Specifically, one can write term papers in econ research seminars of different topics, apply for summer research opportunities, and stay the second year as a research track student writing your own thesis. During one's research, she/he will get thorough guidance from professors in the econ department; personally speaking, the communication with our professors is the most exciting and beneficial experience during my MS study at Tufts; I have developed a far better sense of economic researches and keep being inspired by our professors. I am also currently working as an RA and TA on this peaceful campus and doing research in resources and development in Africa. It seems to me that our program provides so many opportunities, and one can easily find the best fit for herself/himself in it.

Vasudha Ramakrishna, Course Track M.S. Student:
While studying Economics in college back in India, I became deeply interested in development economics and wanted to do research in the field and work towards a Ph.D. The M.S Economics Program at Tufts proved to be the perfect course for me because it offered a rigorous training in economics, and opportunity to gain experience in research, through a thesis in the second year or from working as a research assistant to a professor. The faculty at Tufts come from different backgrounds and the small cohort size offers a unique opportunity to get personalized guidance from professors, exposure to their research and work towards identifying an area of specialization, which is critical to have before applying to doctoral programs. I love it here, because the small cohort allows you to make great friendships with people from diverse backgrounds, you learn a lot from each other, and work together to gain a deeper understanding of concepts. The professors are very approachable and helpful, and the econ department is really warm and welcoming, making it easier to navigate through the challenges of an intense graduate program and moving to a new country!

Ankriti Singh, Research Track M.S. Student:
When I was growing up in Jaipur, India, I was interested in multiple career options. I wanted to major in Math but I eventually decided that Economics would be a better choice as it incorporates both analytical and quantitative skills. After graduating from college, I decided to apply to US universities as I wanted to broaden my horizons and get more experience in research. I chose Tufts because of the astute faculty members and the small cohort size which allows for more collaboration and interaction. Additionally, MS-Economics is a STEM degree which is helpful for international students like me. The coursework is rigorous but extremely rewarding. It provides a strong foundation for Ph.D. programs as well as job industry. In addition to the coursework, I was given the opportunity to be a Teaching Assistant and a Research Assistant. I am a teaching assistant for International Economics and I assisted with an experiment in behavioral economics. Both experiences have helped me broaden my learning spectrum and sharpen my analytical skills. Faculty members have diverse backgrounds and fields of expertise. They are approachable and encouraging. Tufts has given me new perspectives, a welcoming and warm environment and a chance to study and teach what I love at the same time. After graduation, I plan to get work experience in a research institution before moving on to a Ph.D. program.

Wanjin Wu, Research Track M.S. Student:
Coming to Tufts is the last thing I would regret in my life. After achieving a bachelor degree in Economics at East China Normal University, I came here in the hope of developing a deeper understanding of economics as well as exploring where my interests lie. The core courses in Econ Department are quite rigorous, and we have the freedom to take electives within or outside our department. I took one course at Fletcher and am taking a computer science course, from which I have benefited a lot. We also have opportunities to work as a TA/RA with brilliant professors and PhD students at Tufts and from other top universities. I would say the greatest thing about this program is people. Professors are knowledgeable and they do care about us; days spent at the graduate lounge with my classmates are never forgettable; alumni are always willing to offer help along our career path. Now I have decided to pursue my career as an analyst in the field of public policy or economic consulting. I believe studying at Tufts is a correct decision I've made.