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Career Paths of Tufts Graduates

Students come to our program to develop strong quantitative skills and a deeper understanding of economic theory in order to pursue their desired career paths. Roughly one-third of our graduates use our program to enhance their math and economic skills before applying to Ph.D. programs, mostly in economics but sometimes in related fields (e.g. public health, public policy, labor relations, statistics). The other two-thirds of our graduates get jobs in the public or private sector.

Graduates of our M.S. program have gone on to doctoral programs at Harvard, Yale, the University of Chicago, MIT, Brown, Cornell, University of Pennsylvania, Columbia Business School, University of Michigan, University of Virginia, Duke, University of Illinois, University of Texas-Austin, Vanderbilt, and many other schools. In general they are studying economics but, as noted above, they may pursue a doctoral degree in a number of related fields.

For those students who wish to enter the work force directly after completing a Master Degree here at Tufts, there are many opportunities reflecting the flexibility of an advanced economics degree. In the private sector, our graduates have found jobs in consulting, banking, the U.S. government, international agencies, industry, and non-governmental organizations, among other places.

International students can benefit from Optional Practical Training (OPT) Work Authorization upon graduation. Because our graduate program is designated as STEM eligible, the OPT work authorization may be extended for an additional 17 months of work authorization (beyond the standard 12 months of OPT available to F1 students). The STEM designation is indicated on I-20 forms provided to matriculating students in the program.

The Tufts Career Center provides access to alumni networks and career fairs, one-on-one consulting as well as a number of workshops to assist our graduates prepare for their job search. The department also periodically runs events in which it brings alums of the program back to Tufts to speak to and network with our current students.