Priority 4 Recommendations
Fourth year review 2001-2002

Recommendations Respondents Oversight Panel Assessment of Progress
4-1 Salary sheets: request for info on diversity activities Susan Ernst
Ioannis Miaoulis
Implemented but ineffective
4-2 Diversity in departmental presentations at Orientation Jean Herbert
Kristine Dillon
No informative data
4-7 Anti-racism workshops for students Margery Davies No workshops, but one forum at student initiative
4-10 Center Directors involvement with academic departments Margery Davies Not implemented; needs leadership from deans working with academic departments
4-12 Improved space for Centers Wayne Bouchard Some progress, but space remains a pressing problem
4-13 Invitations to performing artists of color Linell Yugawa
Lisa Coleman
Rubén Salinas Stern
4-14 Alumni participation in recruiting student of color David Cuttino  Implemented for African American alumni in some cities

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