Priority 2 Recommendations
Fourth year review 2001-2002

Recommendations Respondents Oversight Panel Assessment of Progress
2-1 Administrative staff openings Susan Ernst
Ioannis Miaoulis
Administration reports continued commitment to diversifying administrative ranks
2-2 Mentorship of Native American students Kristine Dillon No reply
2-4 More extensive advisor training Christopher Nwabeke
Kristine Dillon
Implemented, but individual advisor commitment remains best predictor of effectiveness
2-5 Funds to help SCOPE do outreach David Cuttino SCOPE outreach has high recruitment success but needs to involve a wider range of faculty because faculty of color are few.
2-6 Add’l resources & new strategies to recruit ALANA students David Cuttino No reply
2-7 Membership in Nat'l Hispanic Institute & Asian American recruitment orgs. David Cuttino No reply
2-8 Provision to hire senior faculty of color Susan Ernst
Ioannis Miaoulis
Margery Davies
Administration reports strong commitment; specific cases in progress; Asian American search is at both Asst. & Assoc. level.
2-9 American Race and Culture requirement Charles Inouye Committee on Curricula has not reported on this and little discussion has reached faculty meetings.
2-12 Diversity training for coaches Bill Gehling Implemented; commitment to refresher workshops for all staff, but unclear whether this is a high priority

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