Priority 1 Recommendations
Fourth year review 2001-2002

Note: In ’99-‘00, the Panel renumbered the recommendations 1-a, 1-b, etc., then consolidated some, resulting in apparently missing numbers. To accommodate the electronic survey, we have renumbered the recommendations 1-1, 1-2, etc. but retained the correspondence to the original recommendations in the original Task Force Report—hence some apparently missing numbers.

Recommendations Respondents Oversight Panel Assessment of Progress
1-1 Formation of Oversight Panel   Implemented & functioning
1-2 Administrative workshops Lawrence Bacow
Susan Ernst
Ioannis Miaoulis
Half-day workshop occurred; needs to be ongoing
1-3 Formation of Office of Diversity Education & Development Wayne Bouchard In place; more staff support would be helpful
1-4 Relocation of OEO to Ballou Hall (University-wide office) Wayne Bouchard
Yves-Rose SaintDic
Done; we continue to recommend the office report to the President, not HR
1-5 Administrator’s speeches to include themes of diversity, tolerance Larry Bacow
Sol Gittleman
Ioannis Miaoulis
Susan Ernst
Administrators report implementation


1-6 Incorporation of race into existing curriculum:
three new faculty positions
Susan Ernst
Ioannis Miaoulis
Definite progress; joint ENG-AMER search in Asian American literature; recent hires in Latin American Art, Literature; Latino/Latin American scholarship area is fluid
1-7 Faculty Development & training for inclusive environment Margery Davies Available, but no incentive for departments to encourage individual faculty to enroll, esp. FT tenured or tenure-track; most depts. do not implement the 1992 vote by faculty to hold one faculty meeting each year about diversity; grad student TAs to be included?
1-8 Financial aid initiatives in Capital Campaign Larry Bacow
Gary Lowe
Reported in progress
1-9 Race/diversity in Orientation Bruce Reitman
Kristine Dillon
No progress
1-10 Calendar for extended Orientation Bruce Reitman
Kristine Dillon
Implementation reported, but calendar remains tightly packed
1-11 Student performing groups Bruce Reitman
Kristine Dillon
Implemented and functioning; impact will increase with more creative communication/publicity to community
1-12 Administrative response to misrepresentation in Tufts student media Bruce Reitman
Kristine Dillon
Dean of students committed to timely action, but student perception is that response needs to be faster and more frequent
1-13 Administrative Response Team Larry Bacow
Margery Davies
Bruce Reitman
Kristine Dillon
Restructured and implemented; impact should increase as result of implementing Bias Intervention Team and improved publicity about interventions.


1-14 Student recourse procedures Bruce Reitman
Kristine Dillon
Improved publicity about recourse procedures for any student who feels targeted; however, student discontent may occur from unpopular decisions of faculty-student panels (Committee on Student Life)
1-15 Administrative response team for residence halls Margery Davies
Bruce Reitman
Same answer as # 1-13
1-16 Campus police diversity training John King Continued implementation & commitment (police liaisons to culture centers established); impact on student experience is not known
1-17 No consolidation of Culture Centers Bruce Reitman
Kristine Dillon
Continued implementation
1-18 Culture Center Support Bruce Reitman
Kristine Dillon
Continued programming supplement via ASE Diversity Fund, no evidence of increased support since 2000.
1-19 Funding for cultural programming Margery Davies Same as # 1-18
1-20 Culture Centers & Orientation
  1. budget
  2. extended programs
Bruce Reitman
Wayne Bouchard
Kristine Dillon
Same as # 1-18; impact on student community not known
1-21 Co-sponsoring events by Deans and Centers   In place
1-22 Culture Center pamphlets Bruce Reitman
Kristine Dillon
New Group of Six pamphlet issued in S’02
1-23 Bulletin rewrite to distinguish Centers and Houses Bruce Reitman
Kristine Dillon
Implementation begun; tour guides now have correct information
1-24 Training for RAs Bruce Reitman
Kristine Dillon
Staffing in Residential Life improved, will permit this issue to be addressed in near future

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