Priority 3 Recommendations
Third Year Review, 2000-2001



Oversight Panel Assessment of Progress

3-1 Review of curriculum re: diversity

Charles Inouye


In progress but as part of Curriculum Committee discussion of World Civilizations and Foreign Language requirement & Culture option.

3-2 Initiatives for doctoral/post-doc positions

Mel Bernstein

Susan Ernst

Leila Fawaz

Ioannis Miaoulis


Commitment varies from not very much to very much, but no tangible implementation; administrators refer to some faculty resistance to idea.

3-3 Development to seek funding for endowed chairs to increase minority faculty members

Mel Bernstein

Gary Lowe


Commitment strong to solicit funding for faculty chairs, including minority faculty

3-4 Enhanced advertising of Centers’ Open Houses during Orientation

Jean Herbert




Center directors & Orientation to attract students throughout AY, not just orientation