Priority 2 Recommendations
Third year review 2000-2001



Oversight Panel Assessment of Progress

2-1 Administrative staff openings

Mel Bernstein

No senior hires; somewhat committed but success unlikely without more effort

2-2 Mentorship of Native American students

Kristine Dillon

Unsurveyed due to software problem

2-4  More extensive advisor training

Christopher Nwabeke

Unsurveyed due to software problem

2-5 Funds to help SCOPE do outreach

David Cuttino

Continuing commitment but organization left up to students with little administrative support

2-6 Add’l resources & new strategies to recruit ALANA students

David Cuttino


Continued commitment, progress in increasing numbers of students of color, esp. African American and Latino/Latina, but on-going concern for falling rates of Asian American recruitment

2-7 Membership in Nat;l Hispanic Institute & Asian American recruitment orgs.

David Cuttino

Continued commitment, no report on progress

2-8 Provision to hire senior faculty of color

Mel Bernstein

Susan Ernst

Leila Fawaz

Ioannis Miaoulis

Rob Hollister

Margery Davies

Strong continued commit-ment, substantive progress; on-going concern about continuing barriers, including non-uniform commitment by departments

2-9 American Race and Culture requirement

Charles Inouye

No progress; Curriculum Committee considering revisions to World Civilizations,  Foreign Language/ Culture reqs.

2-12 Diversity training for coaches

Bill Gehling

Past workshops but not in past 2 years; current consultation with Center directors & applying for NCAA funding for diversity training activities.