Courses Offered: Academic Year 1999-2000


1) American Indian

AMER 192- Native American Art
AMER 192- Native American Issues
ENG 148- American Indian Writers
HST 2- Native Americans

2) Latino

PS 127- Latin American Politics
PS 139TS- Citizenship & Identity Politics in Latin America
ANTH 115- Native Peoples of South America
SPN 192- Literature and Identity in Puerto Rico

3) Asian American

DR 93- Theatre of Asian-American
AMER 91- Asian American History, Identity, and Contemporary Issues
ENG 192- Asian American Literature

4) African American

HST 95- African American US History to 1865
MUS 11- African American Music
PSY 51- Black Psychology
ANTH 185- Memories of the Slave Trade
ENG 139- Early African American Literature
ENG 292- Slave Narratives in African American Tradition
HST 96- African American History Since 1865
FAH 71- Arts of African Atlantic
FAH 198- Contemporary African American Art
HST 284- Readings in Antebellum American
HST 171- American South Since 1865
MUS 12- Blues
MUS 14- Jazz
HST 188- Antebellum American 1815-1861
PS 90PC SEM- Politics in the City
PS 117- Politics in the American South (to be offered in ‘00-’01)

5) Racial and Ethnic Studies

ACL 7- Law, Minorities & "Others"
AMER 11- Race in America
ENG 36- Black World Literature and Film
ENG 191-Mass Ent/ Minority Entertainment
HST 140- Race, Nationalism, and Modern Europe
HST 150- Race, Class, Power-South Africa
PHIL 125-Racism and Social Inequality
PS 109- Political and Social Tolerance in the United States
PS 118- Race, Gender and the Law (Gender)
SOC 11- Racial and Ethnic Minorities
ACL 7- Immigration Issues in Boston
ANTH 10- Intro to Sociocultural Anthropology
CD 153- Culture and Learning
CHN 123- Advanced Readings in Chinese Culture
CR 48- Qu’Ran and Islamic Tradition
CR 40- Art, Ritual, and Culture
DR 145- Third World Film
ENG 191- Studies: American Ethnic Literature
EXP 18- Chinese Medicine
EXP 65- North African Cultural Expression
HST 98- Immigrant in American History
HST 164- City American Society and Cultural History
JPN 113- Japanese Visual Culture
JPN 123- Advanced Readings in Japanese Culture
ML 97- Swahili
MUS 65- African Music Ensemble
MUS 19- Seminar: Ethnomusicology
MUS 41-Ethnomusicology
NUT 201- Communicating to Diverse Populations
PS 153- Seminar: Ethnicity and American Foreign Policy
PSY 196- Cultural Psychology
WL 122- South African Writers
ACL 7- Immigrant Issues in Boston
ANTH 124- Diversity in Americas
CD 164- Cultural Division in Child Family Services
CD 177- Bilingual Study in the US
CHN 124- Advanced Readings in Chinese Culture
CHN 192- Readings Between China and the West
CH 188- Multiculturalism and Health
ED 249- Multiculturalism ISS: Conse.& Psychology
HST 2- American Immigrant
FAH 2- Art, Politics, Culture
FAH 192-Art, Media, Culture
JPN 124- Advanced Readings in Japanese Culture
HST 259- Readings in South Asian History
SOC 130- Social Inequalities
DNC 61- Afro-Brazilian Dance
PS 135- Politics of Ethnicity and Race in Western Europe

6) Gender

ANTH 122-Women & Modernity in Asia
ENG 45-Nonwest Women Writers
ENG 191-Feminist Literature and Theory
EXP 99-Women’s Internship
HST 2-Gendered Perspective of Africa
HST 187-Enterprising Women
FAH 192-Seminar: Gender & The Gaze
PHIL 48-Feminist Philosophy
PHIL 48WW-OPY WW RCT: Feminist Philosophy
PS 103-Women in American Politics
PSY 152-Development of Gender Role
SOC 30-Sex and Gender in Society
WS 190-Doing Feminist Research
ANTH 149-Women and Displacement
ANTH 181-Anthropology and Feminism
CH 104-Women and Health
CR 129-Women Medieval Art & Literature
CR 192-Feminist Theologies
ENG 147-American Women Writers
FR 155-Gendered Gaze 18th Century Fiction
GER 129-Women in Medieval Art & Literature
HST 2-Gender and Development in Africa
HST 93-Women in 20th Century America
HST 181-Gender and Social Order
HST 197-Women in Business and the Professional World
FAH 129-Women in Medieval Art
MUS 126-Women in Music
NUT 29-Gender, Culture and Conf Human Emergency
PS 118-Race, Gender and the Law
SOC 125-Social Organization of Sex Behavior
SOC 126-Gender Activism and Theory
WS 72-Intro to Women’s Studies
WS 99-Internship: Women’s Studies
WS 193-Senior Project
WS 195-Special Topics
PS 148Q- The Quest for Justice: Politics, Morality, and Gender
PS 136W- Women and the Law in the Middle East

7) These courses have historically addressed LGB issues and concerns:

DR 194-Gay/Lesbian Theater and Film
CIV 170-Reading World: Love and Sexuality
RUS 191-Reading World: Love and Sexuality
JPN 91-Reading World: Love and Sexuality
ENG 51-General View of English Literature
SOC 30-Sex & Gender in Society
SOC 125-Social Organization of Sex Behavior
PSY 152- Gender Development and Differentiation
CS 61-Social/Personality Development
DR 137-Theatre and Society
ENG 51-General View of English Literature
FR 21-Section A
HST 150-Race, Class and Power in South Africa
ANTH 148-Medical Anthropology
CH 101-Intro to Community Health
PS 118- Race, Sex, Sexual Orientation and the Law
PS 109- Political and Social Tolerance in the United States