Hospital Project - News

  • June 09 Zora team extends Zora project to include campers from Camp For All in Burton, Texas.
  • September 08 Prof. Marina Umaschi Bers receives funding from Deborah Munroe Noonan Memorial Fund which will enable us to continue the project and expand our collaboration to work with Tufts Floating Hospital for Children!!

  • 06.08.08 "Team Zora" walks at the Miles for Miracles the second year running in the 90+ degrees heat! Team leader Keiko & 2 of the Zora citizens and their families raised $1,360. Like last year, we designated our funds to go specifically towards the Pediatric Transplant Center.

  • 10.15.07 Issue #4 of Transplant Times is out!

  • 09.14.07 Zora reopens- DevTech received funding from the CICU Cardiac Clinical Research and Education Fund from the Children's Hospital Boston which will allow us to continue Zora through to the end of the Fall.

  • 06.10.07 "Team Zora" represents DevTech and Zora citizens at the Miles for Miracles Walk for Children's Hospital to raise funds for the Pediatric Transplant Center. Over the past month, the team raised $2,446 and counting, as the team grew in numbers. Blessed with fine weather, we were joined by 5 families from the project, and succesfully completed the 2-mile route before having a picnic.

    Transplant Times 2

  • 04.15.07 Third issue of Transplant Times sent out to participants!

    Transplant Times 2

  • 01.31.07 Second issue of Transplant Times sent out to participants!

    Transplant Times 2

  • 11.02.06 Just released!! Our first issue of the Transplant Times with contributions from the citizens of Zora City.
    Transplant Times 1

  • 10.30.06 Halloween party in Zora City with ghostly avatars and scary houses.

    Halloween House

  • 09.08.06 Zora City opens its gates to welcome new citizens.

    Zora Opens