A Makerspace for Early Childhood

Graduate students Amanda Strawhacker and Miki Vizner are exploring ways to create a makerspace specifically designed for early childhood. This research is being conducted under the direction of Dr. Marina Bers, in collaboration with Dr. Brian Gravel in the Education department, Dr. Chris Rogers in the Engineering department, and Dr. Bruce Johnson in the Child Study and Human Development department. This work is made possible with generous funding from the LEGO Foundation, Tufts' Center for Engineering Education and Outreach, and the Evelyn G. Pitcher Curriculum Resource Lab.

Watch a demo video about our Early Childhood Makerspace

Resources for Makerspace Educators

Inventory List for the Early Childhood Makerspace at Eliot Pearson: This chart contains lists of the construction materials, robotics kits, softwares, books, and furniture offered at the Early Childhood Makerspace.

Makerspace Values Cards: Based on research from the Center for Engeering Education and Outreach, this card-sorting task is designed to help educators and community stakeholders identify their "Maker Values," and shape the mission of their early childhood makerspace.

PTD Checklists: The Positive Technological Development (PTD) checklists allow educators to observe their students and their makerspace. These observational scales reveal how closely aligned a makerspace and its child makers are with behaviors of Positive Technological Development.

Curriculum Planning Resource List: This list includes several curriculum planning and activity development resources created or curated by DevTech researchers for young children in makerspaces.

Stop by and visit the Early Childhood Makerspace!